Bad Management Case Study

Case Study on Bad Management:

Bad management is the phenomenon which is characterized with the improper approach of the group leader to the organization of work of the team.

Managers exist in every sphere of the human life and their advice and instructions are very important for the quality of the institution’s work. Very often management is fulfilled by the inexperienced and low-qualified people and the result of this management is quite poor, because the quality of work, the employee’s job satisfaction and productiveness reduces under the unskilful control of the manager. There are several types of bad management, each of which causes certain problems to employees. First of all bad manager oppresses the staff making them feeling miserable. Employees think they are useless and their creativity and personal ideas are poor; they are limited in their actions and are not permitted to solve the suggested problems in their own way.

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Then, if the boss has a big ego, he will never pay attention to the intellectual skills, creativity and professionalism of other employees, asking them to fulfill their duties according to his personal instructions, which are often invalid. The following trouble is the less of encouragement from the side of the boss, who has go used to strict commanding without saying a good word to his employees.

Many employers are poor at psychology and they are not able to communicate in the right way with the staff, treating them like furniture or inexperienced novice employees. Finally, probably the most widespread problem of the experienced managers who have reached to success is the resistance to changes. He thinks that his chosen path is the single adequate one and brand new business ideas do not have place in his plans.

Bad management is a typical problem in the business environment, because many managers are not aware about the peculiarities of proper carrying out of business, the secrets of encouragement and improvement of the employees’ work. The student has the chance to observe the problem from all sides demonstrating his knowledge and sober mind to the professor. One should focus on the cause of bad management, evaluate its effect and think about the ways of the improvement of the situation and defeat of the problem of poor management once for all.

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