Case Study on Bailment

Bailment Case Study:

Bailment is the action of the transfer of the possession of a thing from one person (who is called a bailor) to the other (called a bailee). The main aim of bailment is the benefit for one of the sides or for both of them. Bailment can not be confused with the process of selling, because when the object is sold, the rights on it are sold with it too. During the process of bailment the bailor gives the object into the bailee’s possession but the rights on ownership remain with the bailor. In this aspect bailment reminds renting, because the person uses the object but does not own it. There are three main types of bailment which are divided according to the characteristic of benefit: the first one is the type of bailment, which offers benefit for both the bailor and the bailee; the second type is the benefit exclusively for the bailor and finally, the third one is the benefit for the bailee.

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The brightest example of bailment is the use of one’s property for your own benefit. If one owns a restaurant which requires repairing, he can transfer it to the person who is ready to renovate it and use for her own profit. As a result the restaurant is repaired and the bailee uses it for his advantage and receives profit from the sale of drinks and dishes, but the bailor remains the owner of the restaurant and pays fees and al the taxes.

Bailment is a specific process related with law and a professional lawyer should be aware about its all peculiarities. A successful bailment case study is expected to be interesting, informative and explain the problem occurred in the case in detail. One should devote much time to study the problem of the case study and find enough evidence and information will be useful for the analysis of the topic. Students are supposed to read articles in the web or interview the direct people who have had the problem on bailment mentioned in the case study. It is important to research the cause of the problem and value its effect professionally to be able to brainstorm effective and reliable solutions to it.

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