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CCD Case Study:

A charge-coupled device is the general name of the class of semiconductor devices, which uses the technology of the controlled shifting of the charge in the semiconductor. The brightest representative of the charge-coupled devices is the CCD matrix. The device has quite a simple way of work: the electric potential is read with the help of the method of shifting the charge from one element to the other. The charge-coupled device was invented in 1969 by the two scientists who worked in the sphere of picture phone and developed semiconductor bubble memory. They connected these two fields of research and called the new one – the charge bubble device.

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The scientists found out that the device could achieve the charge due to the photoelectric effect, that means they could achieve the picture with the help of electrons. The value of CCD is very high, because it provoked the development of the high-quality color photo cameras which can be used by individuals and for the scientific purposes; for example, the device is widely used in astronomy in the powerful telescopes which investigate the space around and deliver the shot pictures to the scientists for the analysis.

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