Case Study on Confidentiality

Confidentiality Case Study:

Confidentiality is the necessity of following the rules which prevent from the loss of information or prevent the third people from the access towards the important information. Confidentiality is a serious issue which can be observed from the point of view of different disciplines and branches of the human life. Confidentiality is met in politics, law enforcement, healthcare, education, business, science, etc. It is natural that everyone wants to keep important facts and data in secret and limit the access of the third people towards these facts and the term of confidentiality touches upon directly these matters. Speaking about business, confidentiality is understood as the behaviour which prevents rival companies from the access towards the data about the activity of the company, the sources of its income, the secrets and formulas of its production, its technologies, etc.

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Without confidentiality the fair business competition would be impossible (the companies would steal ideas from one another all the time). Confidentiality in juridical system is very important, because the majority of the clues and evidence are provided secretly. Witnesses are afraid of sharing valuable information about the criminal on public and they prefer staying unknown sharing the facts confidentially. Confidentiality helps officials and important organizations store the information in the safe way, because the information can be stolen, used illegally for the personal advantage, altered, used for the harmful purposes. There are many laws which are supposed to protect personal information in confidentiality in order to prevent the use of this data for the negative operations.

Confidentiality is a useful topic for the analysis, because the student receives information about the value of confidentiality in the human activity and in the existence of the public and private organizations. The case study is based on the definite matter which has to be researched in detail.

The young person can collect information about the importance of confidentiality in the case and evaluate the effectiveness of this rule on practice. The student is able to analyze the cause and effect of the selected problem and generate his own approach towards the solution of the issue on confidentiality which would be accepted by the professor.

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Custom Case Study on Confidentiality

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