Case Study on Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing Case Study:

Data warehouse is the data base, which is created for the reporting and business analysis for the decision making in the organization. The information, which comes into the data base as a rule is available only for reading. The data is copied into the system in such a way to avoid any problematic situations with the analysis of the information and not to disturb the stability of the data base. As a rule, the information is put into the data base periodically, that is why its relevance can lag behind the online transaction processing system. There are several principles of the organization of the data warehouse. First of all, the data is united according to the field or themes they are describing. Then, the data is united in such a way to satisfy the requirements of the organization in the whole, but not a certain single function of business.

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The data which comes into the warehouse can not be corrected. It comes from the outer sources and can not be changed or deleted. The information which is kept in the data warehouse can remain relevant only if it is bounded to the certain period of time. There are several sources of data: the traditional systems of the registration of operations; the definite documents; sets of data, etc. There are such operations, which can be practised in the warehouse: extraction of data, processing of data (preparation of the data for the storage), downloading, analysis and presentation of the results of the analysis.

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