Case Study on Desiccant Dehumidification

Desiccant Dehumidification Case Study:

Desiccant dehumidification is the process of absorption of moisture from the air or gas with the help of the certain desiccant.

The problem of the necessity of moisture absorption is quite relevant in the areas of the high percentage of moisture. The brightest examples of such places are houses, small objects, clothes, etc. The problem most often becomes more relevant in autumn and winter when the temperature is reduce considerably and prevents the natural heating process or makes it too time-consuming. It is obvious that the home the air of which is too humid is not convenient for the human life, because the majority of the diseases are transmitted and activated in the humid areas.

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Moreover, humidity makes the home colder causing additional discomfort. In order to reduce the percentage of moisture in the air, people use various methods based on desiccant dehumidification and mechanical refrigeration. The latter systems are used in the areas of extremely high percentage of moisture, while the first one can be used in the places of the limited humidity. From the point of view of energy consumption desiccant dehumidification is more economic, because the area of its work is less. Desiccant dehumidification is based on the use of the special desiccants, most often silica gel. Of course, silica gel is not the gel in the common understanding. It is silica in the form of the small granules which absorb moisture from the air and with the help of heating release it later.

Such granules can be used many times, as they do not lose their qualities with the run of time and constant usage.

Desiccant dehumidification is the process of the reduction of humidity of the definite areas and the student is able to read about the methodology of this process in order to be able to analyze it professionally. The young person who has decided to dwell on the issue on desiccant dehumidification has to pay attention to the cause of the certain problem related with this process, its effect and the solution of this problem by the experts. In order to make the case study even more interesting, the student is able to suggest his own solution to the matter on desiccant dehumidification and compare it with the real solution applied in the case.

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