Case Study on Global Human Resource Management

Global HRM Case Study:

Global human resource management is the activity aimed at the recruitment and training of the employees who can work in the international organizations in the appropriate way. There are many requirements towards the process of global human resource management, because this kind of employees is supposed to be top-qualified and professional. The employer, who is thinking about the development of his firm to the level of the international corporation, should think about the staff of employees who will fulfill their duties for the common benefit of the company. The most obvious requirement is the top-level of qualification, because the prestigious firm should demonstrate professionalism in everything. Then, the employees are supposed to be at least bilingual in order to be able to communicate with the customers and companions from other countries. It is quite difficult to find the experts in the required sphere who speak several languages fluently, so there are special intensive courses which are supposed to teach the novice employees the basics of the professional vocabulary in different languages.

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The issue of global human resource management has also a different more general meaning and is characterized with the taking into account the cultural differences of the representatives of the different parts of the world and the rules of their integration into the single field of work and teaching them the basic rules and principles of cooperation and understanding. The issue of global human resource management is very important nowadays, because the firm can not be a successful one, if it has not entered the international market.

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