Case Study on Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice Case Study:

Jamba Juice is the US chain of restaurants which specialize in the production of smoothies, juices, sandwiches and salads and is supposed to be the healthy food restaurant. The headquarters of Jamba Juice can be found in Emeryville, California.

The company is quite successful in the country and it has its locations nearly in every state. The approximate number of the company-owned restaurants is about 300, though there are more than 500 franchise-operated locations about the whole USA. The history of the company is quite short, because is had its start in 1990, when Kirk Perron, the kin supporter of sports and healthy way of life, decided to open a restaurant which would provide his clients with fresh drinks made of fresh fruit.

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With the run of time Jamba Juice purchased several similar smaller companies and grew in its size increasing its popularity on the market. Since 2009 the company started broadening its menu producing not just smoothies and drinks but sandwiches and snacks. In 2007 Jamba Juice began its partnership with the world famous corporation Nestlé, which offered selling its production under the name of Jamba Juice’s brand. The company got its success due to the quality and a big choice of beverages, juices and smoothies which can satisfy any consumer. Jamba Juice is especially popular among vegetarians who try to keep to the healthy lifestyle consuming fresh vegetarian food and drinking fresh organic juices. The company functions not just in the boarders of the USA, but also has its locations in Mexico, Canada and such far countries as South Korea. The popularity of Jamba Juice increases gradually and there is a chance that it would occupy the markets in other countries.

Jamba Juice is a successful company which owns a chain of restaurants selling smoothies and other types of beverages. Students can research the problem professionally analyzing the history of the company’s development, the choice of its production, the level of service, the type of consumers, etc. The case on Jamba Juice is the observation of the definite issue and the student is expected to learn about its cause and effect providing the reader with the background information about the problem. Finally one has to research the case and solve the suggested problem in the original way.

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