Case Study on Learning and Memory

Learning and Memory Case Study:

Learning and memory are the two interconnected components of the successful process of education and development of the human mind. It is impossible to speak about the process of learning without the mentioning about memory. Without memory it is impossible to learn anything, because the human mind receives information, remembers and analyses it and only then the information remains in the mind. So, learning is the final stage of the activity of the memory.

Memory is a complicated phenomenon which is a characteristic feature of the higher organisms, like mammals, birds, fish and humans. Of course, there are many types of memory: long-term and short-term memory and both influence the quality of learning seriously. Short-term memory is supposed to remember the facts and details during the shortest periods of time. The human brains have the opportunity to accumulate information, analyze it and make it stable in the mind.

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The process of learning is possible only due to the long-term memory which is trained with the help of the constant exercises. The person learns about something and this information is kept in the short-term memory. If this information is repeated several times during the certain period of time, it becomes kept in the long-term memory. This means that the person is able to recollect the information anytime and she is supposed to possess knowledge about it. Naturally, it is essential to train memory since childhood in order to help the child with the process of learning in future. If the memory is poor, the success of the education will be low. So, the most effective way of training memory is learning by heart and retelling texts of various complexities in detail.

If the student has decided to prepare a good case study about the impact of memory on learning, he should collect information about the issue; observe the problem from the point of view of psychology, didactics and physiology. A good case study should contain the analysis of the definite problem, observation of the case, the interview with the person under the analysis, the cause and effect of the relation between the types and quality of memory on the quality of and speed of learning. The student is able to share the methods and solutions to the problem in order to demonstrate his understanding of the matters of learning and memory.

A case study is a complicated and serious assignment which is supposed to teach students analyze facts adequately. It is sensible to use a free example case study on learning and memory are interdependent prepared for the student’s advantage by an expert. The young professional is able to find the solutions to the problem of writing reading and borrowing the instructions of a free sample case study on involving learning and memory in the Internet.

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