Case Study on Old Age Homes

Old Age Home Case Study:

Old age homes are the public and private organizations which take serve for the old people, who require support, constant care and medical treatment. An old age home is often the best solution for the families, which do not have time and efforts to take a special care of the old relatives. For quite an affordable price old people are provided with the good living condition, permanent care and circle of friends of the same age. People do not have to cook, work about the house; they are free of the daily routine. They just enjoy their live in the circle of the same old people playing various games, watching TV and having daily trips outdoors. The relatives of the old people have the right to visit them on the special days of the week and check whether the living conditions are appropriate and meet their requirements. Old age homes are quite popular in the US, Western and Northern Europe and Japan, where the families generally belong to the nuclear type. In other countries old people generally live with their relatives and are taken care by them.

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There are many types of old age homes, which vary according to the services they offer and their price. There are public retirement homes which are free of fees, but the quality of the service is not very high, so people who can not afford expensive old age homes will have to stay there. Expensive private retirement homes offer a wide range of services and an old person feels like at a constant holiday there.

The importance of old age homes is very high, because old people always suffer from the lack of attention and care from their relatives. A successful old age homes case study should be informative and interesting enough to describe the conditions of the retirement homes and demonstrate their structure and work on the concrete example. One should explain the importance of the retirement homes and think over about their advantages and disadvantages. On the example of the situation suggested in the case study one will be able to research the problem which has happened there, find the reasons, weigh its consequences and draw smart conclusions summarising it.

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