Case Study on Personality Traits

Case Study on Personality Traits:

Personality traits are the set of the qualities and traits of human character which define a certain type of a human being judging from his psychics. Today the most popular model of the definition of the personality traits is the Big Five personality traits which concentrate on the certain core traits which define the psychological type of the individual.

The factors which influence the results of the theory of the personality traits are: extraversion, openness, neuroticism, agreeableness and conscientiousness. All these traits are independent and according to their level in the human being it is possible to define the type of the individual. The first factor, called the openness to experience is characterised with the high interest in the human being to discover new things, appreciate art, adventure and brainstorm various unique and creative ideas.

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This trait is also associated the intellectual abilities of the person and openness of her horizons.

Conscientiousness is the ability of self-control and self-disciplining. The person is able to organize her time and activity logically and reasonably and fulfil the job on time. Extraversion is the characteristic feature of the communicative people, who are always the heart of the company.

Agreeableness is the will to coexist and cooperate with the others and avoidance of any conflicts.

Neuroticism is the trait associated with anger, emotional breakdowns and unstable psychology, impulsive behaviour, etc. In fact, the theory of the five personality traits is strictly criticised by the experts, because it can not be applied to everyone. For example, children are characterized with more than five traits, as there are at least two additional ones: irritability and activeness.

The value of the discovery of the individual personality traits is very high, because on the basis of these traits one can find the appropriate job and build the career which suits to the one’s character.

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