Case Study on Piaget’s Theory

Piaget’s Theory Case Study:

Piaget’s theory is the theory of the cognitive development presented by the Swiss philosopher and psychologist Jean Piaget. The theory discusses the way of the development of the human intellectual processes: perception, memory, solutions of tasks, decision making, imagination and attention. Paget has done serious work about the description of the human intellectual processes, the aspects of the human psychology, the interdependence of the physical development with the emotional one, the manner of the human brain to cooperate and coexist with the natural environment for the solution of the different tasks and live problems. The theory observes the creation of the schemes of the world perception on the stage of the growth and development (at the time when children develop new ways of the accumulation of information in the brains. Piaget’s theory is supposed to be the constructive one, because in comparison with other theories it claims that everyone constructs his cognitive abilities with the help of the activity in the natural environment.

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According to the theory the human being survives several stages on the way of her development.

The first stage lasts from the birth of the baby to the age of 2 years and is called a sensorimotor stage (the child develops natural reflexes and reacts to the outer irritants. Pre-operational stage is the second stage (from 2 to 7 years). The child develops his imaginations and his intellectual activity is not connected with the outer world. Concrete operational stage (7 – 11 years) is characterized with the ability to classify and group various structures. Formal operational stage (11 – 15 years) is characterized with the fact that the child starts to think with hypothesis.

Piaget’s theory is the sensible approach towards the development of the human mind on the different stages of life. The student is able to demonstrate his knowledge and critical thinking skills analyzing the case on Piaget’s theory on the definite example. One is supposed to collect information about the case, understand the principles of the theory, learn about the cause and effect of the definite behaviours and type of thinking of the child under observation. The student should connect the intellectual abilities of the child and the way of his thinking with Piaget’s theory and find the answers to the core questions of the paper.

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