Case Study on Science and Technology

Science and Technology Case Study:

Science and technology is the study about the interrelation between social studies, technology and sciences and their impact on one another. It is natural that technologies and sciences have always influenced the human society in different ways. Every innovation and scientific discovery was associated with the definite social changes, because the order and the organization of the human society depend on technologies. The brightest example of the influence of technologies on the human society was the invention of printing by Gutenberg in the 15th century. Due to his invention the humanity received the access towards books, which became small, affordable and accessible. It influenced the society seriously, especially the level of education and the level of thought of that time. After the invention of printing the development of sciences and technologies became very rapid and intensive. Unfortunately, not all scientific discoveries influence the human society positively.

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Due to the development of physics, chemistry, engineering, the scientists have improved weapon and invented numerous types of weapon of mass destruction which have caused much pain and suffering for the society. Then, the discovery of the nuclear energy made it possible for the humanity to forget about the shortage of energy, but with the positive sides of atom, the society has become under the risk of the nuclear catastrophe and pollution which can destroy everything on the planet if something goes wrong. It is obvious that the development of technologies and scientific success can bring both good and evil to the human civilization and it is the decision of the society what innovations to use and what to reject.

Science and technology is the study which provides students with the knowledge about the influence of scientific progress on the organization of the human society. The young professional is supposed to pay attention to the most important elements of the study in order to understand what and how to research.

It is important to master the methodology and the approaches towards the research in order to manage to learn about the cause and effect of the selected problem which can attract the student’s attention. The science and technology case study is the assignment which is focused on the research and solution of the chosen problem about the issue.

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