Case Study on Team Leadership

Team Leadership Case Study:

Team leadership is the set of qualities, solutions and decisions which are aimed at the improvement of work of a team and motivate the employees work effectively. Team leadership skills are supposed to belong to the person who is responsible for the work of the team – a team leader.

A team leader is an individual who is the formal or informal leader of the whole tem who controls the quality and quantity of the work of the employees and suggests alternative solutions if the team can not cope with the work because of the certain reasons. The team leader often has wider spectrum of work than the members of the team, because he is expected to be the expert in the sphere of the team’s activity, so he has not only to fulfil his own duties but to monitor the results of the work of the team, motivate them, help and explain the reasons of their failure and correct their mistakes.

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A team leader should be a psychologically strong and charismatic person who has influence on the others and can persuade them working the way he wants. The leader is supposed to be the glue which connects all the members of the team for the single common goal and benefit, distributes the tasks and evaluates the skills and opportunities of every team member objectively predicting the possible results of the work. Team leadership exists in the field of team building, the special practice applied for the increase of the productiveness of the employees’ work. The leader has to organize the process of team building and teamwork professionally to improve the work of the team and the sector of the company under his responsibility.

Team leadership is one of the major factors which influence the productiveness and effectiveness of the company. If there are active and skilful leaders, the company will surely reach the success.

Team leadership case study is the paper which is supposed to provide the professor with the analysis of a certain problem related with the topic of team leadership and a student should research the case properly to achieve the right results. One is expected to find out about the cause and the consequences of the problem on team leadership and brainstorm the effective solutions to the problem and conclude the case objectively.

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