Case Study – Zara International: Fashion at the Speed of Light

Question One
In the case of Zara International, the company has effectively indicated the application of classical management by requiring their workers to continue producing what is required for the market. As such, according to the case study, “through its 200 professionals, the firm has relied on their decisions to feed the global fashion industry.” Subsequently, in the company, the leadership has chosen to strictly remain within its decisions given the presence of loyal employees.

Question Two
In the case of Zara, the company has succeeded in the market by applying the concept of system concepts and contingency thinking through distinguishing practices. As such, when changing its management actions, the company has been putting in mind their situational demands in the ever changing fashion market (Landemore 167). Most importantly, through interacting with their suppliers, the organization has managed to turn them into their daily clients.

Question Three
In essence, for the case of Zara, Max Weber would be the best consultant to help in improving the firm’s performance in the international fashion market. According to Max’s management theory, Zara would need to have a defined leadership structure for decision making purposes. Notably, the application of rules to manage the workers would also help in maintaining the company’s performance in the market.

Question Four
In the fashion industry, the increased worldwide competition has posited a lot of challenges since businesses have to apply sophisticated strategies to be at the helm. For example, in the case study, the author argues that, ‘to keep up with the trends, market research has helped the organization to fulfill their clients’ needs in the market.” Remarkably, the firm has to concentrate on effective branding due to its benefits in ruling the highly competitive industry. In the end, coupled with its good management, the enterprise will keep on being at the top of the fashion industry globally.

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Work Cited
Landemore, Hélène. “Inclusive constitution‐making: The Icelandic experiment.” Journal of Political Philosophy 23.2 (2015): 166-191.

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