Marketing Environment Case Study

Case Study on Marketing Environment:

Marketing environment is the complex of factors which affect the company’s ability to attract consumers and increase the company’s profit. Among the factors which influence marketing environment are the internal and external factors and the expert should be aware about the right approach towards the process if he wants to increase the company’s revenue.

Of course, the internal factors of marketing environment are not very important for the general position of the company, because the external factors are much more serious, so the company will have to take efforts to adapt to the peculiarities of the environment and carry out its marketing strategy successfully in these conditions. So, the first factor is competition and it is characterized with the constant rivalry between several companies for the best position on the market.

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Then, there are the factors related with economics and its laws and rules, for example, economic cycles, like inflation, crises and other favourable and negative elements. Next, business is vulnerable towards the effect of the political situation in the country, because if the situation is favourable, it is possible to expect improvement and rapid development, and vice versa, if the situation is unstable, the business will hardly develop successfully. In addition, the environment is also represented by the sphere of the country’s laws, which define the freedom of marketing and independence of business. Marketing is also influenced by technologies and the rapid technological development of the society, so the company should be ready to follow the technological progress to succeed in marketing. The final factor is the society and its cultural, gender, ethnical, sexual and other peculiarities which influence the marketing policy and strategy and their success.

Marketing environment is the variety of factors which define the effectiveness of application of the marketing strategy into practice. The student is able to research the problem on marketing environment in detail and try to present his ideas in the form of a case study paper which analyzes the definite case, the case site, the factors of marketing environment, its components, strong and weak sides, the problem of the issue, its cause and effect and adequate solution to the existing problem.

Obviously, the young person will need to focus on the professional investigation of the case to apply the right methods for the research and demonstrate his creativity.

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