Case Study on Claustrophobia

Claustrophobia Case Study:

Claustrophobia is one of the anxiety disorders which is characterized with the phobia of closed and confined spaces. Alongside with agoraphobia claustrophobia is supposed to be one of the most widespread pathological fears. Claustrophobia is a specific disorder, because patients feel uncomfortable and even anxious in the closed places, for example, elevators, small rooms without windows, corridors, attics, basements, etc.

The characteristic feature of the people who suffer from claustrophobia is that they never close the door into the room and always try to be close to the exit in order to leave the room rapidly. The anxiety is even more serious when the person can not leave the place anytime she wants, for example, in elevator, plane or train carriage. Continue reading

Case Study on Church Conflict

Church Conflict Case Study:

Church conflict is the conflict which has occurred in the walls of a church and required solution by the church leader. It does not worth mentioning that conflict is a natural thing in the human society, because there are always various misunderstandings and personal ambitions of people who are not ready to cooperate with other people, but want to dominate and impose their opinion on others.

When something of this sort occurs in church, the leader is supposed to calm the laypeople down in order to restore peace and serenity there. There many reasons of conflicts and obviously, every kind of conflict requires specific solution, so the church leader should be enough mature to manage the conflict wisely. No wonder, in ancient times, if the leader was experienced and smart, the majority of the conflicts between laypeople and common people were managed in the walls of church, because the church was supposed to be the most objective court. Continue reading

Case Study on Chipotle

Chipotle Case Study:

Chipotle is the type of Mexican seasoning which is known as smoke-dried red pepper called jalapeño. Chipotle is mainly used in Mexican cuisine which is characterized with heat and specific manner of cooking. This sort of pepper (jalapeño) is supposed to possess a very high level of heat, though chipotle (smoked pepper) is have even higher level of heat and the inexperienced people often fail to consume it. According to the Scoville scale, which measures chilli peppers, chipotle has the level of spicy heat from 5000 to 10000 SHU, which supposed to be the middle level of heat, but chipotle is known to have higher level of heat than fresh jalapeño. The technology of making chipotle is quite easy. First of all one selects ripened in the natural way red jalapeño and then the pepper is being smoked for a few days. Continue reading

Case Study on Christianity

Christianity Case Study:

Christianity is one of the trends of monotheism. Alongside with Buddhism and Islam, Christianity belongs to the three most widespread religions in the world. The most distinct feature of Christianity which differentiates it from other types of monotheism is the belief in Jesus Christ – the embodiment of God on Earth, who sacrificed his life for the good of the humanity. In comparison with Christianity Buddhism and Islam do not treat Jesus as the embodiment of God. Christianity is also one of the Abrahamic religions alongside with Judaism and Islam. The religion had its origin on the territory of the Roman Empire (the eastern part of the empire) in the 1st century AD. Christianity existed as a single unity till 484, though from the very beginning a great number of sects based on the Bible appeared. The ultimate split of Christianity occurred in 1054 when the church divided into Eastern (Orthodox) and Western (Catholic) churches. Continue reading

Case Study on Technology Changing the Face of Education

Technology Changing the Face of Education Case Study:

Nowadays technology plays a very important role in the majority of spheres of the human life: education, business, healthcare, entertainment, etc. The influence of technology is more and more visible in education and this process can be observed from different sides. On the one hand one can say that technologies improve the quality of education, as more and more schools and universities are equipped with computers and various devices which are required for the development of the student’s professional skills. it is a big plus that infants have the chance to receive education with the help of computers in the form of game, as game education is the most useful one – children remember more information and train the basic reading and counting skills. Continue reading

Educational Counselling Case Study

Case Study on Educational Counselling:

Educational counselling is the activity and complex of decisions which define the character of the work of the educational institution, school, college or university. Naturally, every type of educational institution has its own style and manner of work, special organization and approach towards the educational process. So, every school and university has its counselling board which solves all the important issues related with the organization of the educational process, the curriculum, the students’ assistance, school supply with the necessary equipment, grant programs, etc.

Educational counselling embraces a group of officials who have their duty to coordinate, encourage, instruct and provide students, their parents and all the interested people with the necessary information about the educational institution. Continue reading

Case Study on Effects of Pesticides

The Effects of Pesticides Case Study:

Pesticides are the chemical substances which are applied for the destruction of all sort of pest and protection of crops from the impact of microorganisms, insects, diseases and other threats.

Pesticides are divided into several types, insecticides and herbicides are the most well known among them and they protect fields from insects and plants which prevent the regular growth of crops. It is natural, that the constant process of population growth makes the humanity produce more and more food all the time and this process is quite difficult, because agriculture faces many challenges in the form of various pests which reduce the quantity and the quality of the harvest.

The only way out which was invented for the protection of crop was the creation of pesticides. Continue reading

Case Study on Effects of Technological Growth

The Effects of Technological Growth Case Study:

Technological growth is the gradual process characterized with the improvement of technologies of different kinds which improve the level of quality of life and productivity in all spheres of the human activity. Technological growth is possible due to the constant work of scientists, engineers and men of thought who brainstorm alternative solutions to the existing problems. New technologies solve new problems and substitute the out-of-date technologies with the new solutions. The effects of technological growth are most often positive ones but everyone would agree that there are a few negative effects of new technologies on the human life. The most obvious negative sides of technological growth are unemployment and reduction of the level of life as a result. When the whole labour is automated and fulfilled by the machines, the human being will not be as useful as years ago and it would cause the problem of serious unemployment (which is even more increased by population growth). Continue reading

Case Study on Halo Effect

Halo Effect Case Study:

Halo effect is the result of the observer’s impression of the person’s skills and traits of character on the basis of the stereotypes. This phenomenon is quite an interesting one and many psychologists devote time to research it deeper. It is obvious that people’s attitude towards the certain events, phenomena and other people depends on the general and standard official point of views.

For example, many people think that the people who have attractive appearance are kinder and even smarter. So, they do not evaluate the person’s qualities objectively believing that pleasant appearance is the basis of kindness, wisdom and other positive qualities. Continue reading

Case Study on Illegal Agreement

Illegal Agreement Case Study:

Illegal agreement is the type of the agreement which can not be treated by the official jurisdiction as the regular one. Normally, every agreement is made between the two parties which have the definite duties and have to follow them because the terms of contract demand it. If one party fails to fulfill the terms mentioned in the agreement, it will be punished according to the law.

Illegal agreement is a different thing, because in spite of the fact that there is the contract between two parties who have to fulfill their duties with responsibility, the validity or the juridical basis of the agreement is absent. Illegal agreements are most popular in the criminal world or between the people who are going to conduct an illegal action. Continue reading