Case Study on Conflict Management in Hotels

Conflict Management in Hotels Case Study:

Conflict management in hotels is the issue related with the resolution of conflicts in hotels which occur between clients and staff of the institution. Nowadays, with the rapid growth of the hotel business the problem of conflicts has become very urgent and there are several reasons for it. First of all, the number of hotels in the world has increased enormously and the competition in this sector has become quite tense and hotels have to improve the quality of their services constantly if they want to attract clients and satisfy their needs. The modern hotel visitors are able to compare the quality of services and the prices in different hotels and decide whether they want to stay at a hotel for such a price. Evidently, many clients demand better service of the money they pay and various conflicts with the administration occur. Continue reading

Case Study on Conflict Resolution and Critical Thinking

Conflict Resolution and Critical Thinking Case Study:

Conflict resolution and critical thinking are the two interconnected elements, because it is impossible to solve the problem successfully without the smart and independent approach towards it. A conflict is the integral part of the human everyday life, because all people are different and everyone has his own preferences, desires and points of view. When people are not able to accept the idea of the opponent, conflicts appear. It is easy to provoke a conflict, but it is very difficult to resolve it correctly, especially when both sides have offended one another several times. Obviously, the best way to resolve every conflict is to turn on one’s critical thinking skill, which helps one to look at the arguments and point of view of the opposite side soberly. Continue reading

Business Forecasting Case Study

Case Study on Business Forecasting:

Business forecasting is the process of predicting of the activity and development of business in the following year. Sometimes it is possible to confuse business forecasting with business planning but these processes are not the same, as the latter is a more serious one and requires deep investigation and analysis. Business forecasting is a flexible process which can be conducted in different parts of the year and its aim is to build the constructive plans for the future thinking about the details of production, the possible change or improvement of strategy, etc.

Business forecasting starts form the creation of the approximate plans for the future work of the company. The employer begins to predict the possible development of the firm, makes plans and decisions but he has to be always on the safe side taking into account possible risks and failures. Continue reading

Case Study on Social Audit

Social Audit Case Study:

Social audit is the activity of the company in the field of social responsibility. Obviously, nowadays alongside with the economic development of the corporation much attention is paid to the social sector of the company’s work. Today big corporations and even small companies take care about their employees and about the social environment in the whole. Much money is paid to the development of various social projects in order to demonstrate to the society that the company does not simply care of money but of the wellbeing of the common people. Social audit is represented in the activity of the firm in the field of charity or transparency, etc, for example, demonstrating to the society the advantages of the company’s production from the side of its ecological safety or natural origin; or that the production does not cause harm to the human life and that it is not tested on animals. Continue reading

Case Study on Social Environment of Business

Social Environment of Business Case Study:

Social environment of business is the set of the social factors and elements which influence business. Evidently, business can not exist independently on the society, because it is still its integral part and it has to follow the needs of the people around. Very often the success of business is influenced by different elements like social groups and social position of clients. For example, there are companies whose target auditory is rich customers who can spend on their production a lot, so if this auditory disappears, the success of the company reduces and it will simply bankrupt. There are several major social factors which influence business – family, religion and education. Family is the core of the human society, because everyone belongs to the certain family and forms his wishes and needs under the effect of the family. Obviously, when one requires to buy something, he will discuss it with the members of his family, as very few people make the spontaneous buys. Continue reading

Case Study on Social Determinants of Health

Social Determinants of Health Case Study:

Social determinants of health are the factors of the social environment which influence the human health and its quality. It is not a secret that the health of the human being depends on the environment and the social factors which are characterized with the position of the person in the society, her economic background, family and other elements. The very first social determinant is the environment where the human being was born in. If one was born in the favourable conditions and received support and love, his health was in the good condition form the very beginning. Another factor is the age. Obviously, young people are healthier than the elderly ones, so with the run of time the quality of the human health gradually reduces. The environment of the permanent human life influences the health considerably, because if the climate, ecological conditions are poor, the person will fall ill constantly and her health will not be enough strong. Continue reading

Case Study on Social Constructivism

Social Constructivism Case Study:

Social constructivism is a social and psychological theory, which studies the process of social-psychological construction of the social reality in the human activity. Social reality and social relation of the selected individuals is observed as the set of thoughts, ideas and values which are not influenced by the material conditions.

The origin of social constructivism is connected with the name of the famous psychologist Lev Vygotsky. The social reality is not influenced by the social activity of the individual as he is the one who has to conform to his reality. Then, the individual trains the qualities required by the reality and starts his social relations with other people. Knowledge is the product of social and cultural construction, because from the very beginning of his life the individual learns something new through the communication and interaction with the surrounding world gaining knowledge and experience from the bearers of the culture the individual belongs to. Continue reading

Business Analytics Case Study

Case Study on Business Analytics:

Business analytics is the process of the professional analysis of the work of the chosen business, its performance in general and in its selected spheres. It is natural that every prosperous firm should carry out business analysis regularly in order to learn about its performance, strong and weak sides of production and the quality of the firm’s management and marketing. The field of research of business analytics is very broad, because the analysts collect facts about the work of the company, organize statistical data and use the information in the process of decision making and or the prediction of the further development of the firm.

Obviously, analytics touches upon the performance of employees, working atmosphere and the indicators of job satisfaction and employee turnover, etc in order to define the condition of work and the mood of the human resources which can be called the heart and mind of the company. Continue reading

Business Planning Case Study

Case Study on Business Planning:

Business planning is the technical and economic evaluation of the activity of a business, the program of its activity and it characterizes the model of the business’s work in future. Business planning is characterized with the creation of a business plan – a document which contains information about the future company, the field of its work, its strategies and perspectives. A good business plan is constructed by the real professional and it covers more than 20 pages of the quality analysis of the activity of business. A business plan is required for the attraction of investors, shareholders and the owner of the firm in order to be able to describe the scope of the company’s work to the people who are interested in this issue. Business plan is not just the plan for the notice business, but also for the companies which exist for dozens of years. Most often the business plan is valid for two years and then the firm changes it introducing the certain innovations and new strategies. Continue reading

Case Study on Physical Education

Physical Education Case Study:

Physical education is the pedagogical process, which is aimed at the physical development and functional improvement of the human organism, education of the motor and motion skills which are essential for the regular life and successful professional activity. Physical education has always been important for the humanity, because only a healthy person can achieve success in her life and simply enjoy her activity, so it is of vital importance to develop human body intensively making it stronger and enduring. No wonder, there is a proverb “Sound mind in a sound body”, because if the human organism is weak and suffers from diseases, the human being can not be happy, can not study and work well. In order to improve the functions of the human organism every school has classes on physical education which maintains student’s shape, endurance and dexterity on their appropriate level. Continue reading