Accounting Ethics Case Study

Case Study on Accounting Ethics:

Accounting ethics is a part of ethics that deals with the field of accounting. It is obvious that the sphere of finance is too far from morality, because every entrepreneur wants to make as much money as possible and very often, he practices improper methods that make him richer.

The main idea of accounting is to record a company’s performance, its failures and profit.

Nowadays, big corporations depend on shareholders and investors. They invest money into a company and they want earn money if this company becomes a successful one. If this company has high annual profit, shareholders and investors will receive solid sums of money.

Consequently, unfair international corporations and other big companies try to hide their actual revenue in order to reduce disbursement to their investors. This common practice is punished by law, so companies try to do it insensibly. Continue reading

Case Study on Animal Abuse

Animal Abuse Case Study:

Animal abuse is associated with cruel attitude towards animals. When one causes harm to physical and psychological health of an animal, he abuses it. Animal abuse is characterized with the lack of logical motives of cruelty to animals. Many people abuse an animal, even though it does not cause harm to their health. There are several types of animal abuse. First, it is killing animals for fur and food. Naturally, this aspect touches upon wild animals and pets.

Secondly, it is hunting. Hunters kill animals for fun and treat their action as a kind of sports. The problem of hunting is very serious, because many hunters utilize inhumane methods of hunting that torture animals and cause terrible pain and suffering. Thirdly, it is industrial animal farming. Such animals are kept in inhumane conditions, where they do not have space to move and sleep well. Moreover, these animals (cows, sheep, hens, pigs, etc.) are slaughtered in cruel way that causes suffering and slow death. Continue reading

Advertising Ethics Case Study

Case Study on Advertising Ethics:

Advertising ethics is a branch of business ethics that is aimed at the reduction of deceptive elements in marketing. Naturally, every entrepreneur wants to receive the biggest profit when he sells his products and he is ready to utilize all possible methods to achieve this goal. Very often businesspersons practice such techniques that stay to far from the norms of ethics. These techniques are connected with the impact on human psychology and with unfaithful means of persuasion.

Consequently, when one decides to buy a product, he does not realize that he has made this decision under effect of the definite factors. Every company has a well-trained team of managers who are good at psychology and they know how to convince people of purchasing their goods. Nearly every store uses unfaithful and concealed methods that advertise its goods. Continue reading

Case Study on Computer Ethics

Computer Ethics Case Study:

Computer ethics is a discipline that studies behavior of human beings who use computers in their everyday life. Naturally, computer ethics is a young discipline that appeared in 1980s and its methodology and principles are still developing. The term “computer ethics” is a synonym of more exact terms, like information ethics or cyber ethics. Computer ethics is an interdisciplinary study that observes a range of ethical, philosophical, social, juridical, political, psychological and technical issues. It is possible to define a few classes of problems that are analyzed in the field of computer ethics. First, there is development of moral rules and norms for users and professionals whose work is connected with the use of computers. Secondly, there are problems connected with protection of intellectual property and confidentiality of all users who utilize computers for work and entertainment. Thirdly, there are problems related with crimes that are committed in the sphere of IT. Continue reading

Business Decision Making Case Study

Case Study on Business Decision Making:

Business decision making is a complicated process, because an entrepreneur has to evaluate his financial potential objectively if he wants to found a successful and productive company.

Business decision making is closely connected with the creation of a business plan. A business leader is expected to be able to evaluate his finance, professionalism of his employees, quality of his equipment, popularity of his goods on the market, etc. if he wants to develop his firm successfully. When one wants to compose a good business plan, he should think whether his product is demanded on the market. He has to carry out a few surveys in order to study the actual situation on the market.

Consequently, he will know whether there is a risk of bankrupting or whether his business activity can bring him solid profit. Moreover, he has to be able to select the right employees who can cope with their duties effectively. Continue reading

International Advertising Case Study

Case Study on International Advertising:

International advertising is the process of promoting goods and services to the target audience all over the world. The primary aim of international advertising and its technologies is to maintain the contact between the target potential consumers from different parts of the world. Nowadays, with rapid process of globalization it has become obvious that international advertising is the most essential element of marketing among the majority of the biggest international corporations which function in numerous countries. It does not worth mentioning that the country which wants to improve its popularity and turn to the international markets should think about the new specific forms of advertising of its products. The biggest problem of international advertising is the lack of knowledge about the culture and way of life in other countries where the product is planned to be promoted. Continue reading

Financial Environment Case Study

Case Study on Financial Environment:

Financial environment is the integral part of economy which is represented by market, firms and investors. Financial environment represents everything what has the direct influence on the circulation of the capital and the institutions which take the active part in this process.

The biggest element of the sector of financial environment is the market or the place where the exchange or goods, services and capital occurs. The market is a varied element which is divided into numerous sectors which offer their own types of goods and services and their own group of consumers. The market exists according to the principles of fair competition where the more quality and affordable products attract attention of customers, and only the strongest and well-structured firms can survive there. Continue reading

Case Study on Natural Hazards

Natural Hazards Case Study:

Natural hazards are the complex of geophysical, climatic and other factors and events which can cause harm to the natural environment and to the human being and her property.

As a matter of fact, the number and variety of natural hazards is very high and they are divided into several categories depending on their character and origin. The first type of natural hazard is geophysical events, such as erosion, earthquakes, volcanic eruption, etc. It is natural that such events as earthquakes and volcanic eruption cause enormous harm to people, because they ruin the human settlements, destroy property and even cause the human death. The events like draughts and erosion are also very serious hazards as they are more protracted processes destroying the environment slowly and depriving animals and people of fertile soils and as a result – food. Continue reading

Case Study on Marketing Communication

Marketing Communication Case Study:

Marketing communication is one of the four components of marketing mix which is aimed at the delivery of information about the product from the company or the vendor to the target group of consumers. The primary aim of marketing communication is to remind, inform and persuade the customer to purchase the suggested goods and services. The initial means of marketing communication is the informative advertisement which is supposed to inform the target audience about the new product and to form the initial demand for it. The process of marketing communication is quite a simple one, because it consists of several elements. The first one is the sender of the information or the company or vendor; the second is the receiver – the target group of customers; the third – the message or the advertisement which is supposed to influence the consumer’s choice; the fourth – the channel of communication or the means which enables the sender to deliver the information; the fifth – the response channel which indicates whether the information has managed to reach its aim. Continue reading

Case Study on Gender Budgeting

Gender Budgeting Case Study:

Gender budgeting is the strategy of the equal distribution of resources between the representatives of the different genders and meeting their requirements. Evidently, the problem of gender issues is quite a broad one and it touches upon also the sphere of finance and management. Gender budgeting is aimed at the maintenance of the both male and female rights in different sectors of their life. The experts understand a lot of things under the name of resources, though their main components are money and time. Gender budgeting focuses on the appropriate organization of the paid and unpaid job and on the right distribution of money between the male and female employees. The problem is quite a relevant one, because it happens that male employees receive more than women, in spite of the fact that the amount of time or the working hours are equal. Continue reading