Case Study on Manchester United

Manchester United Case Study:

Manchester United is the English professional soccer club which was founded under the name of Newton Heath in 1878. The club changed its name into Manchester United in 1902. Manchester United is one of the most successful English soccer clubs in the history of soccer taking into account the number of its prizes and cups. Moreover – it is the most successful club in Great Britain for the latest 20 years. The team has won 27 important cups since October 1986 under the control of Alex Ferguson. In 1968 the team became the strongest one in Europe; in 1999 it became the winner in UEFA Champions League for the second time. in the season of 2010-2011 United won the championship of England in the 19th time (it is the biggest achievement among all the British clubs).

Moreover, the club has won the record number of FA Cups (11 cups). Continue reading

Physical Development Case Study

Case Study on Physical Development:

Physical development is the long-term process which embraces physical, psychological, behavioural and emotional development of the human body from the moment of birth to the human death. Physical development is divided into the age periods for the improvement of the accuracy of the research of the changes in the human organism with the run of time.

Physical development touches upon numerous aspects of the human life and several sciences focus on this process, for example, physiology, psychology, sociology and other disciplines observe the process of development from different points of view. Psychology focuses on the human emotions and behaviour, mental abilities and psychological reactions of the human being in different situations.

Sociology dwells on the social interpersonal communication and cooperation with the purpose to help one find his own place in the society. Continue reading

Case Study on Moral Science

Moral Science Case Study:

Moral science is a complex ethical and philosophical study which is based on the research of the various aspects of the human life, scientific achievements, etc from the point of view of morality.

Naturally, the human life is impossible without the participation of ethics and morality in the human actions, worldview, lifestyle and so on. Everything what is done by the human being should be observed from the point of view of morality – that is whether the action is not a harmful one, whether other people, animals and the environment in the whole does not suffer because of the harmful anthropogenic activity. The interest in moral science appeared in the three latest decades, as the human life has becoming more and more valuable and respected all over the world.

Philosophers started to pay attention to the importance of morality and ethics in science, culture, politics, economics and other spheres in order to find the explanation to the existing problems and the secrets of the existence of life. Continue reading

Case Study on IPO

IPO Case Study:

Initial Public Offering is the first public sale of stocks of the private company. The sale can exist in different forms. First of all there is a direct sale of the existing stocks which have already been printed and the second way is the sale of the additional stocks which will appear in the second wave.

The major aim of the creation of IPO is the achievement of the so called founder’s profit – the profit gained by the founders of joint stock companies in the form of the difference between the sum of the produced stocks and the capital which has been actually invested into the joint stock company.

There are several methods of carrying out the process of IPO: the method of the fixed price; the method of auction; the method of formation of application books. The method of the fixed price is characterized with the fact that the price is set before the production of stocks so that everyone knows their price which is more or less stable. Continue reading

Case Study on Moral Development

Moral Development Case Study:

Moral development is a system of techniques, methods, studies which are aimed at the understanding of the core principles of morality and its value in all spheres of the human life. Moral development is the process of the human moral growth during the whole her life – from childhood to maturity and elderly period. Moral development touches upon such issues as social relations, family relations, science, education, medicine, industry, environmental issues, business, politics, etc.

The main idea of the study is to prove that morality is important everywhere and every time, because only due to the actions which can be treated like the right ones from the ethical and moral points of view can make the world better. Moral development starts already from childhood, because the first norms and understanding of what is good and bad children receive from their parents. Continue reading

Oral Communication Case Study

Case Study on Oral Communication:

Oral communication is the process of communication which is carried out with the help of the human tongue when the language is spoken aloud. Communication is a very important and probably prominent human skill which enables one to survive in the human society, because without communication all the processes connected with share of experience and education and simply work for the common aim is impossible. Oral communication is supposed to be the major way of communication and of course it the oldest type of communication, because writing and drawing appeared thousands of years after people had learnt to speak with one another. This way of communication enabled people to find a common language, unite into the groups and tribes, share their knowledge and skills with one another for the work for the sake of tribe and its inhabitants.

People could work, hunt and solve various problems only due to oral communication and nowadays its importance has not reduces. Continue reading

Physical Disability Case Study

Case Study on Physical Disability:

Physical disability is the state of the human body which is characterized with the problems of the human mobility, dysfunctions of the human organs and dysfunctions of one’s dexterity. The majority of people understand physical disability as the problems with muscles, bones and joints which prevent the human being from walking and limit her motor skills, though the spectrum of physical disabilities is much wider. For example, people can suffer from cardiovascular problems or respiratory problems which prevent one from healthy breathing. Moreover, one can suffer from partial or total blindness which is supposed to be much more serious disability than the motor dysfunctions.

Besides, there are people with hearing disabilities, who can not percept information from the surrounding world with the help of their ears. Physical disabilities of different types are caused by different factors. Continue reading

Case Study about Classroom Situation

Classroom Situation Case Study:

Classroom situation is the complex of events, students’ behaviour at the classroom and the teacher’s decisions on resolution of the problems of different kinds which occur there. Naturally, every class its own problems with behaviour, organization, interpersonal relations, etc and the teacher’s duty is to make the educational process logical, informative and as useful as possible.

The most common tough classroom situations are connected with the students’ attitude towards one another and the teacher-students relations. First of all, every class has troubles and conflicts between the groups of students. There is always a student or two who feel neglected and who are mocked at by the rest of students. The teacher should know how to resolve such conflicts and how to improve the psychological condition of the students who are not popular at their classroom. Continue reading

Chemical Dependency Case Study

Case Study on Chemical Dependency:

Chemical dependency is the physical and psychological dependency of the human organism on the mood-altering substances, like alcohol, psychotropic drugs, etc. The problem of chemical dependency is quite urgent nowadays, because millions of people all over the world prefer escaping from the reality with the help of various psychotropic and mood-altering substances. The problem is really serious and the global community takes many efforts to improve the situation constructively.

Among the most well-known chemicals which cause dependency are alcohol and different types of drugs (which cause different effect on the human psychics). Chemical dependency carries a great number of problems to the human being – social, health, economic, ethical, etc. First of all, the drug addict has problems with health, because chemicals cause harm to the human heart, brain, digestion system, bones and muscles, etc. Continue reading

Case Study on Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Case Study:

Therapeutic drug monitoring is the process of detection and measurement of the quantity of medication in the human blood. The process is very important in the sphere of healthcare as the experts who are treating a patient should know whether there is enough medication to cure the disease. Drug monitoring is practised not just to see whether there is enough medication in the organism, but also to make sure that the patient is not overdosed or underdosed with drugs.

Very often it is difficult to define the right dose of drugs for the human organism, because there are personal peculiarities and requirements for the chosen human body. One organism can require much more drugs than the other one, so the procedure of therapeutic drug monitoring becomes very useful in this case. If there is too much medication in the human blood, the test will show it clearly and the doctor will be able to save the patient’s life on time. Continue reading