Case Study on Environmental Analysis

Environmental Analysis Case Study:

Environmental analysis is the analysis of the external factors which can affect the prosperity and development of the company. Environmental analysis is an integral part of business and every owner of a firm has to pay attention to the numerous external factors which can cause harm or on the contrary maintain the development and improvement of business.

Very often it is not enough the create a detailed business plan for one’s company, because there are too many other factors which can influence the prosperity of the firm alongside with the quality of the product, its price and marketing strategy. Environmental analysis dwells on the research of the factors which can seem to be invisible or unnoticed but they still influence the business success. Continue reading

Case Study on Financial Abuse

Financial Abuse Case Study:

Financial abuse is the action of limiting one’s access towards his banking accounts or taking control over his finance with the purpose of limiting his freedom of choice and wellbeing.

Financial abuse has always existed in the human civilization, because money is a very powerful means of manipulation. The human being will do nothing without money, so when one is limited in finance, he will not have the full life.

Years ago husbands could manipulate their wives with the help of money, for example, deprived her of the access towards money in order to make her stay at home, etc. Nowadays there are similar situations when women are not permitted to go to work as their husbands wants to make them stay at home. Continue reading

Case Study on Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Case Study:

Business ethics is closely connected with social responsibility, because the idea of every business is not just to make money, but to solve the social issues and meet the requirements of the consumers. Business ethics is a complicated issue which touches upon many related problems – the maintenance of the quality of production, improvement of the quality of goods and services, maintain the appropriate attitude towards employees and consumers, etc. It is important to avoid using business only for the prosperity of the owner of the company, because the business should also bring something good to the society. Moreover, it is no right to cheat consumers and sell poor quality products which can be harmful for the human health and life, though this practice still exists in spite of the international standards and norms of quality and healthy production.

Social responsibility of business has the broader meaning than business ethics, because it touches upon the more serious problems making the firm or a corporation closer to the society. Continue reading

Case Study on Communication Failure

Communication Failure Case Study:

Communication failure is the phenomenon of the reduction of the quality of communication or its complete interruption under the effect of the definite factors. The quality of communication does not just depend on the communicative skills and knowledge of the sender or the speaker but also on the receiver, who listens to the sender and reacts towards his words.

The quality communication occurs if there is complete harmony between the both sides of the conversation which understand each other and cooperate for the improvement of their communication.

Communication failure occurs when there is misunderstanding between the sides of the conversation and the disability of one side to listen to the second one. The primary communication failure is the poor knowledge of the second side about the topic of conversation. When one does not know about the certain issue the first side is speaking about, he will not be able to support the conversation and present his point of view about it. Continue reading

Case Study on Decision Making under Uncertainty

Decision Making under Uncertainty Case Study:

Decision making under uncertainty is quite a complicated problem for the analysis, because most often people appear in such situations when it is difficult to say ahead whether the decision is right or not. The certain clear understandable situations occur very seldom, so people have to learn to make decisions in the state of uncertainty. The very first rule of the decision making under uncertainty is the ability to solve the problem in the easiest way. When the problem is very difficult and it is impossible to predict the definite consequences and effects of the decision, one will have to make the easiest decision which does not require enormous efforts. The second rule is connected with the positive side of the human ignorance. When the problem is complicated, the solution can be very easy but one does not simply see it because of his rich experience and deep background knowledge which keeps the obvious answer in the shade. Continue reading

Ethics in Advertising Case Study

Case Study on Ethics in Advertising:

Ethics in advertising is the issue on inclusion of the norms of ethics into the sphere of advertising. The problem of ethics in advertising is probably the most delicate among businessmen, because the primary idea of business is to gain profit by all possible means.

Obviously, the owners of firms of all kinds strive to receive the highest revenue in order to develop their company further, conquer the new sectors of the market and gain more and more money. Unfortunately, the majority of businessmen do not pay attention to the ethical moments of advertising their goods and services striving to do their best to attract as many clients as possible who will buy the product. Most often businessmen practise the unfair methods of advertising which are too far from the norms of ethics, because the majority of ads affect the human emotions but not mind. Continue reading

Case Study on Accounting Equation

Accounting Equation Case Study:

Accounting equation is the equation which is based on the equality of debits and credits which influenced the creation of double-entry bookkeeping system. The main elements of accounting equation are assets, liabilities and the equity of the owner and the equation looks like very easily – assets = liabilities + owner’s equity (or capital, finance). Obviously, the organization should be very careful about its financial activity in order to keep its revenue and expenditures under the strict control which will be used in the process of decision making. The business transactions which occur in a company influence its economic condition seriously and the owner will need to pay attention to the slightest transactions in order to maintain the gradual development of the firm and its revenue. The whole financial position of the company can be named with a one word – assets, or everything what the company owns. Assets consist of the two important components – liabilities and owner’s equity. Continue reading

Case Study on Accounting Concepts

Accounting Concepts Case Study:

Accounting concepts are the basic principles and rules which have to be followed for the appropriate organization of the process of accounting. The most important initial accounting concept is to choose the single strategy and norm of work in order to maintain the consistency of the accounting process and its aspects. Then, the accountant should record the income and expenditures of the firm they have formally occurred within the organization, because if one does this process during the payment out or receiving of the cash, the record will not be the objective one, as the money will go through the processes related with the withdrawal of commission. Next, accounting should always reflect the right objective condition of the business, because the primary role of accounting is to demonstrate the progress and regress of the business in order to help the businessman react to the problems rapidly and effectively. Continue reading

Business Competition Case Study

Case Study on Business Competition:

Business competition is the process of the cooperation and competition of businessmen for the most profitable conditions of production and sale of the goods and services and for the opportunity to receive the highest profit through these operations. Business competition is the natural phenomenon, because every firm on the market wants to receive high profit and to look better than the rival firms. From the historical point of view business competition appeared not long ago with the process of industrialization and the development of capitalism and became the key element and characteristic of the latter. Business competition occurs between the companies which produce similar goods and services or belong to the single sector of the market. They strive to win the attention of new and new clients with the help of different means – affordable prices, quality production and advertising. Continue reading

Case Study on Communication in Nursing

Communication in Nursing Practice Case Study:

Communication is the process of interchange of information between two or more people.

When communication occurs at hospital between a nurse and a patient, one can speak about communication in nursing practice. Obviously, the process of the patient’s recovery is often long and requires a complex approach, because the individual suffers not just from the physical pain or a disease, but on the psychological pressure. The psychological pressure occurs when the person has to spend time at the unfamiliar institution under the constant observation of healthcare providers. In this case communication and friendly support becomes very important for the rapid recovery of the patient and his emotional wellbeing.

The support and communication at a hospital are provided by nurses, who have received the appropriate education and are trained to provide patients with the required mental and physical aid. The primary duty of every nurse is to provide the patient with the warm and friendly atmosphere at hospital. When the patient sees that someone cares about his life, disease and recovery, his health improves faster and he does not feel abandoned. Continue reading