Case Study on Global Human Resource Management

Global HRM Case Study:

Global human resource management is the activity aimed at the recruitment and training of the employees who can work in the international organizations in the appropriate way. There are many requirements towards the process of global human resource management, because this kind of employees is supposed to be top-qualified and professional. The employer, who is thinking about the development of his firm to the level of the international corporation, should think about the staff of employees who will fulfill their duties for the common benefit of the company. The most obvious requirement is the top-level of qualification, because the prestigious firm should demonstrate professionalism in everything. Then, the employees are supposed to be at least bilingual in order to be able to communicate with the customers and companions from other countries. It is quite difficult to find the experts in the required sphere who speak several languages fluently, so there are special intensive courses which are supposed to teach the novice employees the basics of the professional vocabulary in different languages. Continue reading

Case Study on Network Marketing

Network Marketing Case Study:

Network marketing is the type of marketing which involves social networks and the strong sides of the Internet for the personal benefit. Nowadays due to the growing role of high technologies, computers and the Internet, online marketing has become the primary means of marketing for the great corporations and small firms. It is obvious that network marketing touches upon various social networks (for example, Facebook), blogs and email private messages which advertise goods and services. It does not worth mentioning that network marketing is probably the most effective means of promotion goods and services, because the ads can be seen by millions of people simultaneously. One can join the account at a social network website and observe numerous ads there. Continue reading

Case Study on Illegal Drugs

Illegal Drugs Case Study:

Illegal drugs are the drugs which are prohibited by the government of the country or the international organizations. Illegal drugs can not be purchased officially, because there are no institutions which can sell these substances to the people in the open way. The individuals interested in these drugs have to look for them in the illegal way most often in the black markets, where the price is extremely high.

It is obvious that the majority of drugs which exist nowadays are illegal, because the experts understand that they cause addiction and the human being becomes dependent on them seriously.

In order to save people form addiction and death drugs have been banned in the majority of countries. Of course, there are parts of the world which produce illegal drugs in high quantities and supply the whole world with them supporting its economy in this way. Continue reading

Case Study on Educational Administration

Educational Administration Case Study:

Educational administration is the complex of efforts which is supposed to organize the process of education in the appropriate way. The issue touches upon both aspects: material and intellectual ones. First of all the leader of the educational institution is supposed to organize the material background for the educational process and provide the school or college building with energy, water, various devices and equipment required for the normal activity.

The problem is quite difficult, because all the equipment and furniture has to meet the general requirements and suit to the student’s age and kind of their activity. Furthermore, there should be established the gyms and swimming pools for physical training lessons. The following aspect of the activity of administration is the attraction of the qualified teachers for the professional work and maintenance of the quality educational process. The level of the educational institution always depends on its teaching staff. Continue reading

Case Study on E-Books

E-Books Case Study:

An e-book is the electronic version of a book which can be read with the help of the personal computer, laptop, smart phones and special devices aimed for this purpose. E-books are often called e-texts, but there is a certain difference between these two terms. The access towards the e-book can be limited by the author and owner of the book, while the e-text can be easily found in the Internet and the access towards this source is never limited. Due to the existence of great number of e-books the phenomenon of e-library has become quite popular.

These libraries collect all possible e-books in the single database and offer them to the reader interested in these books. The phenomenon of electronic books and libraries has become quite widespread and it is natural paying attention to the level of the development of high technologies.

There are already many kinds of pocket devices which enable to read e-books everywhere without the harm for the human eyes (there are special technologies which have reduced the negative impact of the display on the eyesight). Continue reading

Tips on Writing a One Page Case Study

How to Write a One Page Case Study:

A case study is quite a regular assignment for high school, college and university students. Most often it is a long, big-in-volume paper but sometimes it is a brief assignment which has a specific construction and can be written on the single page. It is difficult to cover a long paper, but it is not quite easy to condense information in such a way to make the paper sensible and well-formatted on the one page.

There are some case study writing tips for you: Continue reading

Lebanon Gasket Company Case Analysis

Creating a Lean Enterprise: The Case of the Lebanon Gasket Company

Creation of a lean enterprise is always the objective of most manufacturing companies and other processing businesses. When one ventures out to develop a business, their main objective is normally to maximize profits, while offering quality goods and services. Maximizing of profits means streamlining costs while maintaining the quality of the products and services for the customers. The creation of a lean enterprise is hence governed by customer driven motives that ensure the creation shareholders value while focusing on the specific needs of the customers. A lean enterprise therefore pursues perfection of the enterprise’s products while minimizing costs through cellular manufacturing, lean manufacturing and reduction of wastes in the manufacturing process. Continue reading

Case Study on Chinese Culture

Chinese Culture Case Study:

China is supposed to be one of the oldest civilizations in the world and probably the single country the ethnical type of the population has not changed for more than 5000 years. China has a long history and due its long existence it has accumulated numerous masterpieces of art, developed its own philosophy and political life. Although, there are several misunderstandings between the representatives of different religious views, the single language and the complex of ethical and historic views unite the Chinese culture in the borders of Confucianism and Daoism. Probably the most famous elements of Chinese culture are the hieroglyphs. China is famous for its calligraphy, which is so rich that counts thousands of various hieroglyphs and every Chinese should be an artist to be able to draw all the symbols in the right and understandable way. Chinese music is also quite specific and its motives are easily recognized all over the world. Art and theatre are closely connected with the Chinese literature, traditions and customs. Continue reading

Case Study on BASF

BASF Case Study:

BASF is a German chemical company which has its headquarters in Ludwigshafen. BASF is known to be the largest chemical company in the world and the choice of its production is enormous. The company produces chemicals serving for various purposes: from plastic products, dyes, cosmetics and food supplements to building chemicals, fertilizers, chemicals protecting crop’s growing and oil and gas exploration and production. The name of the company has changed many times, because it started its activity as a soda producer and with the run of time the choice of production increased. The activity of the company started in the second half of the 19th century with the massive development of the chemical industry. When a new element or substance was discovered, it was produced massively and numerous chemical companies appeared. BASF at first worked in Baden but the local government started to fear that the factory would pollute the town’s air and water and the factory was moved to Ludwigshafen in order to save the prestige and touristic attractiveness of Baden. Continue reading

Case Study on China Economy

China Economy Case Study:

China economy is characterized as the socialist market economy and it is supposed to be the second largest and second most powerful economy after the USA. The success of China is associated with the rapid dynamics of the growth of its economy and intensive development of industry, services and agriculture. The country develops its traditional spheres of industry: textile, coal and iron ore processing, china, oil processing, gas, chemical, aviation, space, electronics, machine building, etc. China occupies the leading positions in the coal mining, production of fertilizers, steel and energy. The country possesses well-developed modern transportation systems: railways, highways, airlines and seaports. China is supposed to be one of the most rapidly developing countries in the world and the latest financial crises have not caused any negative impact of its economy. The country is constantly improving the standard of life for its citizens and quality of life increases gradually. Continue reading