Case Study on Psychological Disorders

Psychological Disorders Case Study:

Psychological disorders are the disorders which are characterized with the problems with the human psychics because of the disease and injures of the human brain. There are many psychological disorders and everyone is connected with the special part of the injured human brain or is caused by other factors. Among the most widespread mental disorders are schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, neurosis, depression, paranoia, intellectual disability, epilepsy, etc.

Psychological disorders are caused by the injure of the human brain, which can cause harm to the functions of the whole organism, including the human nervous system; on the other hand, they can occur because of the problems with other systems of organs which cause harm to the brain and the human mental activity. The most widespread factors which cause mental disorders are the heredity, infections, intoxications, brain diseases (for example, tumors), avitaminosis, etc. Continue reading

Case Study on Psychological Abuse

Psychological Abuse Case Study:

Psychological abuse is the complex of actions which cause harm to the human being and they are based on the use of the rude words, threatening, ignoring and other psychological techniques which influence the opponent’s self-esteem and well-being. There are two main types of abuse – physical and psychological ones. The physical abuse is characterized with the harm to the human body, but psychological abuse is supposed to be even more dangerous, because the human psychics is more vulnerable than muscles. There are many different forms of psychological abuse which differ from one another with frequency, complexity and strength. First of all it is mocking and name calling.

These methods are very popular at school and probably every child faced this problem quarrelling with his classmates. It is natural that many children feel bad because of this type of abuse and their self-esteem reduces, so teachers and parents have to follow the way their children communicate with one another to avoid such situations. Continue reading

Case Study on Oral Contraceptives

Oral Contraceptives Case Study:

Oral contraceptives are the contraceptives which can be found in the form of pills and they are supposed to prevent the undesired pregnancy. The problem of birth control has always been important for the humanity but its importance in current time can not be overestimated because of the process of population growth and economic crises which often prevent parents provide their children with good education, food, clothes and normal life. There are many types of contraceptives and the oral ones are becoming more and more popular among women who are not ready to have children yet. Oral contraceptives are the birth control pills which are based on the application of hormones for the prevention of pregnancy. These hormonal preparations contain estrogen and progestin which influence the woman’s organism, especially brain and reproductive system preventing the development of an egg and other processes which can bring the female organism closer to pregnancy. Continue reading

Petroleum Industry Case Study

Case Study on Petroleum Industry:

Petroleum industry is the branch of economy which focuses on exploration, development, production and transportation of oil to consumers.

Petroleum industry is closely connected with geophysics, geology, chemistry, technology of the production of the machinery used in the industry, etc. The bases of the petroleum industry are the oil exploration and production companies, which can be called the monopolists in this sphere. The process of oil production is extremely difficult and it includes exploration of the wells, drilling and repair of the wells after their intensive use, purification of oil from sulphur and other chemicals which reduce the quality of the petroleum and many other factors. When the crude oil has been extracted, it is transported to the plants which would purify and transform it producing petroleum form it. Oil is transported within the country or several countries by pipelines. Of course, it is possible to transport it with the help of other means, like tankers, supertankers, trucks, etc. but pipelines are supposed to be the cheapest and the most effective means. Continue reading

Case Study on Petrol Prices

Petrol Prices Case Study:

Petrol is one of the most expensive resources nowadays and it is natural that its price will increase gradually all the time. The price on petrol depends on numerous interconnected factors. First of all, the price depends on the price on crude oil and its production. It is quite expensive to explore the basins of oil, drill wells to extract it and to support the wells in the appropriate working condition.

Obviously, if there was no crude oil, the petrol prices would be extremely high. Fuel is sold everywhere and its price on the international market is more or less the same all over the world, but there are local and national peculiarities of pricing which depend on the additional factors. For example, it is sometimes expensive to transport petrol to the far areas and the petrol supply is limited there, so the prices will be quite high there. Continue reading

Case Study on Social Loafing

Social Loafing Case Study:

Social loafing is the effect which is characterized with the fact that the effectiveness of the group performance is lower than of a chosen individual one. There is a myth that work can be done faster and more effective if it is fulfilled not by a single person but by the group of people. Sometimes it is true, but the actual effectiveness of the selected members in the group tasks is much lower. When people work together, they do not try to take many efforts for the sake of the whole team and the task is fulfilled only due to the most active members of the group who feel responsible for the quality of the result. There were many experiences and tests which have proved that social loafing really exists in all spheres of the human life. For example, when the person was asked to shout, but she was told that she is shouting together with the group, the strength of the shout was three times lower than of the shout produced when the person was told she was shouting alone. Continue reading

Case Study on Peace and Conflict

Peace and Conflict Case Study:

Peace and conflict are the opposite phenomena which can characterize the social relations between two people, groups of people and the whole nations. It is natural that peace and conflicts have always existed in the human relations and these phenomena depend on numerous factors – political, economical, social, ethnical, religious and others. The slightest difference between people in appearance and worldview can cause serious conflicts which often grow into military conflicts called wars. Conflicts are always characterized with violence, anger, harm to the human health and life; moreover, they are associated with devastation and ruining. On the other hand, without conflicts there would not be the human history, because nations gained their birth during wars and severe struggle for their future. Conflicts take place every day in certain parts of the world. Continue reading

Case Study on Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing Case Study:

Psychological testing is the practice of the analysis of the peculiarities of the human psychics and traits of character with the help of psychological tests. Psychological testing is used during the process of recruitment and selection at the workplace and during the psychological consulting at psychologists. A psychological test is a standardized task which detects the psycho-physiological, personal characteristics, knowledge and skills of the patient.

It is obvious that it is very difficult to work out an appropriate and useful test which would provide the tester with the valid results, because every test requires more than 10 years of hard work, research and constant practice. The experts have to communicate with thousands of patients of different kinds, test the people who possess different traits of character, temperament, etc. It is very difficult to create the single standard for different people. All in all, very few psychological tests can be called the valid and quality ones, because of the enormous amount of work, limited finance and other factors. Continue reading

Biological Theory Case Study

Case Study on Biological Theory:

Biological Theory is a scientific journal which is dedicated to the problems related with biology, psychology, physics and other related sciences which reveal the philosophy of evolutionary processes and the structure of life on the planet. The journal is published in English and includes articles on the biological and evolutionary topics. It was established in 2005 and became one of the most informative and well-known journals among the experts in this sphere. Since 2012 the journal has been published by the German publishing house Springer Science+Business Media involving the articles of German, Austrian, English, US and other experts in the field of biology, theory of evolution, cognitive psychology. Biological Theory got its birth due to the hard work of the German men of thought working at Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research. Continue reading

Case Study on Biological Hazards

Biological Hazards Case Study:

Biological hazard is the negative impact of biological pathogens of different level and origin, which cause harm to the medical, social, technological, agricultural and domestic spheres. The most widespread biological hazards are prions, microorganisms and parasites of different types.

The majority of countries have created the lists of the biological objects which can hazardous for the human and animal life – bacteria, viruses, spirochetes, fungi, etc. Of course, the variety of the objects depends on the area, because there are some places on Earth which are more dangerous for life concerning harmful biological objects than other regions. The UNO has also created a special list of hazardous objects and every object has its own number and belongs to the special group. Continue reading