Case Study on Climate Change in Australia

Climate Change in Australia Case Study:

Climate change is an urgent problem which is connected with the alteration of climate in different areas of Earth under the effect of different factors. Climate is changed all over the world and this process is affected by the intensive human activity and other natural factors which are not influenced by the human being.

Australia, like any other country, suffers from climate change seriously, and the process is visible in the different spheres of life of the state. Naturally, all parts of the continent have the different level of climate change but the general situation is mostly negative. The change of climate in Australia depends not only the industrial activity of the country, but on the global climatic situation. It is evident that the general increase of average temperature has caused the increase of the sea level on Earth and Australia already suffers from flooding on its coastal areas. Continue reading

Case Study on Ballistics

Ballistics Case Study:

Ballistics is the science – a branch of mechanics, which studies the movement and collision of projectiles, such as bullets, bombs and rockets. Naturally, with the rapid development of technologies, the weapon is developed too and the majority of types of weapon destroy the opponent from the long distance without the direct contact of the killer and the victim.

Ballistics is the science which got its popularity after the invention of gun and powder. The first research on the peculiarities of the direction of the flight of projectiles was conducted in 1546. Due to the inventions and intellectual contribution into physics of such great minds as Galileo and Newton, people got the opportunity to study the direction of flight of cannonballs, bullets and other projectiles.

With the development of weapon, the character of war changed and the knowledge on ballistics became extremely valuable. With the run of time guns and bullets were improved according to the latest research on ballistics. Continue reading

Bad Management Case Study

Case Study on Bad Management:

Bad management is the phenomenon which is characterized with the improper approach of the group leader to the organization of work of the team.

Managers exist in every sphere of the human life and their advice and instructions are very important for the quality of the institution’s work. Very often management is fulfilled by the inexperienced and low-qualified people and the result of this management is quite poor, because the quality of work, the employee’s job satisfaction and productiveness reduces under the unskilful control of the manager. There are several types of bad management, each of which causes certain problems to employees. First of all bad manager oppresses the staff making them feeling miserable. Employees think they are useless and their creativity and personal ideas are poor; they are limited in their actions and are not permitted to solve the suggested problems in their own way.

Continue reading

Case Study on Desiccant Dehumidification

Desiccant Dehumidification Case Study:

Desiccant dehumidification is the process of absorption of moisture from the air or gas with the help of the certain desiccant.

The problem of the necessity of moisture absorption is quite relevant in the areas of the high percentage of moisture. The brightest examples of such places are houses, small objects, clothes, etc. The problem most often becomes more relevant in autumn and winter when the temperature is reduce considerably and prevents the natural heating process or makes it too time-consuming. It is obvious that the home the air of which is too humid is not convenient for the human life, because the majority of the diseases are transmitted and activated in the humid areas. Continue reading

Bank of America Case Study

Case Study on Bank of America:

Bank of America is the US financial conglomerate, which offers a wide choice of banking services.

The bank is supposed to be the most influential and the greatest bank holding company in the USA and the third largest company on the international arena according to the report of Forbes. The company owns more than 6000 banking centres about the country and more than 300 centres in different parts of the world. In addition the bank possesses more than 288000 employees and 16500 automated teller machines all over the worlds what makes it probably one of the most successful companies offering international banking services. The history of Bank of America is quite old and started in 1904 when Italian immigrant Amadeo Giannini founded Bank of Italy, which won the popularity in the US rapidly. Continue reading

Case Study on Campus Design

Campus Design Case Study:

Campus design is the complex of efforts aimed at the creation of the buildings of the educational institution from the architectural point of view, their decoration and preparation to the public use for the purpose of studying. Every college and university consists of a great number of houses which are often concentrated not far from one another and fulfil the role of classes, halls, libraries, dormitories, laboratories, gyms, canteens, cades, etc.

An average campus is provided with everything essential for education and regular life and rest of students. The idea of campus design is to make the buildings of the university suitable for the educational process, improvement of the student’s knowledge, revealing of his potential, etc. Continue reading

Case Study on California Energy Crisis

California Energy Crisis Case Study:

California energy crisis is the serious electricity crisis which occurred in 2000 in California, the USA under the effect of numerous factors. The case is also known as the Western U.S. Energy Crisis, because many regions of the country faced the problem of shortage of electricity and enormous prices on it.

It does not worth mentioning that the crisis was a surprise for the government, because California was one of the leaders in energy sector and the production of its energy was more than twice higher than it actually required. The year of 1996 is known to be the starting point of the growth of energy productive rates but very soon the situation changed. Because of the increase of population up to 13% the demand on electricity increased but the amount of the produced energy remained on its place. The culmination of the crisis was in 2000, when California suffered from severe drought which caused negative effect on energy sector. Continue reading

Descriptive Statistics Case Study

Case Study on Descriptive Statistics:

Descriptive statistics is discipline of the quantitative description of the information. Descriptive statistics has the task to present a general description of the situation, a problem or the order of the events. The discipline does not have to analyze the problem in detail trying to find out about its slightest peculiarities and the cause and effect of the problem, as it does not rely on the laws of Probability theory. The only function of descriptive statistics is to provide the experts with the general information about the data under analysis. It is natural that descriptive statistics has a long history, because the dawn of the human civilization the humanity could only observe and describe facts.

Descriptive statistics was used for census, analysis of the situation on the market (the types of goods and their price). Continue reading

Case Study on Backward Integration

Backward Integration Case Study:

Backward integration is the one of the types of vertical integration in microeconomics. Vertical integration is a special type of ownership of business processes, technologies, equipment, infrastructure, etc by the single company. The company belong to the vertical integration model tries to embrace all the processes which are related with production, resource supply or the direct sale to the consumers.

Backward integration is the type of vertical integration which is characterized with the desire of the definite company to control not just the process of production, but the stages which precede production, so that resource supply, production of the selected details of the final good, etc.

Backward integration is a widespread phenomenon and it exists in numerous kinds of business – in industry, agriculture, small and big business, etc. Continue reading

Case Study on Desertification

Desertification Case Study:

Desertification is the process of land degradation, reduction of their qualities under the anthropogenic and natural factors. The definition of desertification appeared in 1940 when people began paying attention to the problem of land degradation and started studying the issue deeper.

The term ‘land’ has a special meaning – a bioproductive system consisting of soil, water, plants and other biomass; and also ecological and hydrological processes in this system. Land degradation is the reduction of the intensiveness of these processes under the effect of the human activity and extensive agriculture. Degradation is connected with drying of land, withering of vegetation and reduction of soil cohesion, which increase the risk of rapid wind erosion and dust storms.

Desertification is supposed to be one of the most serious results of climate change, because it is probably impossible to restore the quality of the soil which was affected by the process of degradation (in order to restore 1 cm2 of soil, one requires 70-150 years). Continue reading