Case Study on Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders Case Study:

Eating disorders are the psychologically based behavioural syndromes, which are connected with the problematic consumption of food. Among the great number of the eating disorders there are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder. Eating disorders are closely connected with psychological disorders and depend on the condition of the human psychics.

Generally, all types of eating disorders are the results of stress or depression. For example, speaking about anorexia nervosa (that the enormous decrease of the body weight, caused by poor consumption of food), the disorder is widespread among the young women who try to look slim and nice and have the image of an extremely thin girl in their heads as an idol. They try to reach the image of this model and stop eating regularly or reduce the quantity and quality of food products considerably.

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As a result the body weight is lost and very seldom the process of further loss of weight can be stopped. Naturally, such a person dies very soon. Bulimia nervosa is also connected with the constant care about the body weight, but the result is opposite to anorexia nervosa, because the patient eats heavily trying to make the body weight ‘regular’. Binge eating disorder is the most widespread eating disorder and is characterized with heavy eating cause by depression.

Being under effect of stress (the lost of a close person, divorce, loss of job or money, etc) the patient tries to fill the psychological emptiness inside with food. The people who are predisposed to obesity can become the victims of binge eating disorder after the experience of strong stress.

Eating disorder is a big problem which should be cured; otherwise the person can ruin her health and die. Both loss and gaining of body weight is harmful for the organism and a great number of the related diseases and disorders appear on their basis. In order to cope with eating disorders case study successfully a student should increase his knowledge on the topic and become an expert in it. Only then it will be easy for him to analyze the suggested case successfully. a student should learn as much as possible about the problem of the case, its cause and effect and provide the professor with the effective solutions to the problem of the suggested eating disorders.

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