How to Write a Case Study

Learn How to Write a Case Study:

A case study is a specific kind academic paper, which is aimed at the development of the student’s critical thinking skills. It is based on the detailed research of the problem, which is illustrated in the “case” from the real life. Students are expected to complete profound research of the problem or case and analyze its reasons and solutions. Students are seldom taught how to prepare a case study properly, so most of them apply for good writing help in the Internet. Below you can find professional case study writing guidelines, which will be useful, if you have troubles with your assignment.

Free Case Study Writing Tips:

  1. Try to decide the problem of your case study. The problems may be different and of any type, the only thing is that it should be true-to-life and connected with the discipline or related with the topic discussed at college. After you have chosen the problem, go to the library or use the Internet to look for good books, encyclopedias, newspapers and magazines, which describe the problem in detail, give general opinion about it. Collecting data about the problem remember to take notes not lose important things.
  2. Now try to chose a case site, that is the place where the case occurred. It can be a certain organization, like a firm, company, enterprise, a shop, a store, a school, nearly any place will be appropriate if is t is connected with the chosen problem. In order to prepare a good case study you have to collect information about the site. Find and analyze its structure, number of staff, the kind of work, the type of the problem which occurred there and study how the problem was solved.
  3. To collect more true-to-life data try to interview the staff of the organization asking about the case, its reasons, impact and its solution. It will be positive, if you find out information about the regular working day of the organization to be able to analyze the whole data later. Never ask concrete “yes” or “no” questions, because you will not get a full answer. Ask broad general questions, which provoke a person to speak a lot.
  4. Having collected data analyze it carefully and keep it close to yourself. Write a case study according to the structure and format required by the teacher. Prepare a good introduction describing the problem and then introduce the case explaining the purpose and the reason of your research. Then, describe the case and share the results of the interviews and your research with the reader. Describe how the problem developed and introduce its consequences. Analyze the way it was solved and in the conclusion present your own vision of this problem and brainstorm your own methods, which can solve it.

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