Project Management Case Study


Nowadays such concepts as project, project manager and project management have become rather widely used in business to describe a set of special activities, an occupation or a process. Despite of the fact that the majority of people have heard about these three notions, not everybody understands their meanings. Indeed, it is sometimes difficult to relate the notion pf “project” with the notion of “management”. It is clear that project management is a process, but what kind of process is it? What steps does a person who manages the project (a project manager) has to take in order to reach a success? All of this may remain unclear unless a person faces project management very closely. Continue reading

Split Brain Case Study


The capacity to distinguish oneself from others is one of the most significant cognitive abilities, which separate humans from other living creatures. People should distinguish themselves from the surrounding to operate effectively in the world. This process is a prior mechanism of human functioning, but it has been very little studied until recent time. Only few decades ago the scientists linked self-recognition with the operation of the brain. The study of the patients with split-brain can shed light on the problem of self-recognition.

Split-brain operation over humans gave new data in question of double consciousness. Empirical data received during experiments didn’t let drop one definite conclusion and gave birth to multiple theories about the split mind. Some specialists state that all humans have one mind and patients with split-brain have two ones. Roland Puccetti became famous with his statement that all people who have separated hemispheres have two brains. Dennett rejects this thesis and gives his alternative interpretation. He developed his own “multiple drafts” model of consciousness. Continue reading

Case Study on Birth Rates


Nowadays, the demographic situation in many countries of the world is considered to be critical to the extent that often it is estimated that the continuous deterioration of the demographic situation may lead to a profound crisis affecting practically all spheres of human life. It should be pointed out that many developed countries have a similar trend to the gradual but stable decline of birth rates that inevitably affects the demographic situation in these countries. What is more important the similar trends have started to grow in developing countries which were traditionally characterized by the high level of birth rates. In this respect, Asian region was traditionally considered to be the most densely populated area of the world. This is why many people may presumably think that the low birth rate is not the problem of the region.

Moreover, the overpopulation resulting from the high level of the birth rate was considered the major demographic problem of the region. However, in actuality, the demographic situation in some countries of the region is really quite difficult and the reason is the low birth rates.
At the same time, the current low birth rates in such countries as Japan and Australia only proves the general global trend typical for well-developed countries. Continue reading

The Right to Die Case Study

Today dying has become much more problematical than it used to be in the past. Centuries ago people died at home of illnesses that could not be cured by medicine. Nowadays the modern technology has created alternatives for terminal patients and their families; these alternatives raise fundamental questions about social poise and what is natural and good death. That as well built an issue of having the right not only to live but also to die. Most people die in hospitals where the doctors make an effort to keep patients alive even if there is only the slightest chance of recovery. For some people it is perfect because they want to fight off death as long as possible. Others, when faced with incurable illnesses, may conclude that there is no point to fight anymore. Continue reading

Risk-Taking Case Study

There is a very popular term nowadays – “echo generation” – a generation of young people, between 2 and 27, who are the first to grow up with computers and the Internet. In fact, the interactive computer and video games that are based on the digital computer technology are one of the most important peculiarities of the “new” advanced generation. Some people nowadays use video games, to transport them away from the real world that oppresses, discriminates upsets them. By doing that they create a fantasy world in which they can forget their problems and pressures. What is different about this leisure activity of the 21st century is that when people watched or read, everything they got involved with was happening in their imagination. However, video games players are actively involved in the game, involved to the extent that they simply make the game a part of their real life. Continue reading

Medical Care Case Study

Legal, moral, and ethical controversies happen often in health care. Recently the world media reported the legal case where the parents of 18-month-old boy with a terminal muscle-wasting disease expected to die within a year appealed to the court in order to stop the doctors from turning off the ventilator necessary to sustain his life. The baby “cannot breathe for himself, has to be fed through a tube, and can only move his eyebrows, feet, and fingers very slightly.” (CNN, 2005, para.2)

The doctors’ argued that his life was intolerable, while the parent opposed this claim by stating that the critter was still capable of enjoying communication with his parents.

The judge James Holman of the High Court in London said the following when explaining his decision in favour of the parents’ plea to leave the baby alive: Continue reading

Gender Discrimination Case Study

Case Facts

Ann Hopkins was working on the major nation wide accounting partnership Price Waterhouse. After five years of work she became one of the candidates for the partnership. According to the procedure each of the candidates got the responses from the colleges that evaluated his or her work. However, the responses not necessarily were the basis for accepting or rejecting the candidate.

The procedure required that the board would consider each of the candidates and the board would accept, reject or put on “hold” the candidate.

In the case of Ms. Hopkins the board decided to put her “on hold”. It should be note that thirteen of the 32 partners who had submitted comments on Hopkins supported her bid for partnership. Three partners recommended that her candidacy be placed on hold, eight stated that they did not have an informed opinion about her, and eight recommended that she be denied partnership. (U.S. Supreme Court) Continue reading

Writing a Case Study for Marketing Class

Case studies will never lose popularity. Even in conditions of increasing content shock, it’s always interesting to “spy” on someone. It’s much more interesting than reading another collection of theoretical articles. But writing cases is a chore. You do not want to do this, because everything is already spinning or vice versa – it’s dead. And sometimes there is no desire to “reveal” the findings. Let’s try to figure out whether it’s easy to write a clear case and how to do it better. Continue reading

Restaurant Case Study Analysis

Case Synopsis

In 1964, James R. Eure, a born entrepreneur and retired Air Force officer, has opened a “Pizza Place” in Stephenville, a small town in Texas with population of 7,000 people. Eure did not know much about the restaurant business, however, he figured he will learn on the way. Despite of Eure’s amateur cooking attempts, the start-up turned out to be popular beyond any expectations. After several months of constantly increasing demand, Eure was already building a bigger restaurant.

Eure’s pizza restaurant was quite an innovation for a little town during the 60s. Eure had a good insight and intuition. For example, he has noticed that people enjoy privacy and introduced privacy booths. He understood quite fast the importance of gimmicks and word-of-mouth advertisement. Continue reading

Vehicle Wrap Company Case Study

Car Wrapping Industry

In recent years, vehicle wrapping and graphics has been used in a wider variety; the idea of this technology was developed for the wide usage of companies for “moving” advertising of their products and services. With more than fifty years of development, vehicle wrapping today is considered to be one of the most effective marketing tools. More specifically, this approach is able to catch more than 70,000 potential customers a day.

This technique is so efficient due to its ability to create brand awareness in people’s minds while on the road or simply walking on the street. Vehicle wrapping is common on tracks, cars, boats, trams, trains, and even airplanes; clients can choose to wrap the whole surface of the vehicle, or a part of it. The wrap is made by a material called vinyl and there is a possibility to extend its life span up to five years. The high quality vinyl is further brushed by a clear laminate in order to last longer; the usage of cast vinyl, a material that stretches and is applied on the vehicle in accordance to its shape, is the most common material used for high quality vehicles.

Obtaining a vehicle wrap is a process; one can explain his desire to designers of the supplier, who in turn have the responsibility to design the idea, make an offer to the client, explain to him the application of the car wrap, and of course, the way to remove it. If a client desires something specific, he may bring with him a sketch of the design. Continue reading