Carnival Corporation Case Study


cruise travel industry is considered to be very perspective, especially in the North American region. At this respect, it is necessary to analyze the work of the companies that operate in this market such as Carnival Corporation, which is now considered to be one of the largest and the most significant ‘players’ in this segment of the market.

Obviously, analyzing Carnival Corporation, it is necessary to briefly dwell upon the current situation both in the company and in the market at large, as well as discuss the development of the company and the problems it faces and how successfully these problems are solved. Certainly, it is also important to analyze the company’s product and its perspectives in the nearest future.

The current situation

Generally speaking, Carnival Corporation may be considered as one of the most successful companies operating in the cruise travel industry, especially in the Caribbean region, including North America. It should be said that the company includes different cruise brands, which are traditionally associated with the most successful and reliable companies that were gradually combined with Carnival Corporation. Among the famous brands that are now incorporated in the company may be named Holland America Lines, Costa Cruise Lines, and one of the recent acquisition of the company, Princess Cruise Line. Continue reading

Case Study Presentation Format


The patient, Fred, is a 61-year old American man who lives in Adelaide. He has a 91-year old mother, wife and 2 sons.

Presenting Information and Social Structure
Fred was admitted to the hospital with alcoholic dependence combined with episodes of chronic depression. Since he was retired 10 years ago, he is constantly depressed, additionally, he has long alcoholic experience, which he was treated from, but the treatment was not successful.

Fred is on his retirement since 50 years, when he decided to dedicate himself to his family life.

He lives in a house in Adelaide. However it is not clear whether he is living alone or with his family.

Previous psychiatric history
Fred was hospitalized in 2005 after a leg fracture into the detox unit due to the chronic alcoholism with the help of his brother.

In April 2006 Fred went to Kuipto for a five-month program which did not lead to a positive result. Continue reading

Fun Wheels Case Study

Rhodes has established Fun Wheels Inc. in 1980 after working for over 25 years as a mechanical engineer. Fun Wheels was originally formed as a Canadian distributor of German wheeled toys. At those times, Canadian toy industry was highly concentrated with several large companies dominating the market. Toys manufacturing is relatively inexpensive and over the past years many companies moved their production facilities to China and Taiwan in order to minimize their labor costs. Most of the Canadian toy industry is owned or controlled by the U.S. firms, which have reached market leadership through economies of scale, wide-ranging distribution channels and successful marketing campaigns.

Manufacturers of the toys are highly vulnerable to the failures – 80% of the new toys fail. Those who are successful have a very short life span. The main sales season is obviously around Christmas and for this season many companies prepare well in advance and spend significant budgets of advertisement of promotional toys. The market demand of classic toys is comparatively stable.

In Canada wheeled toys include go-carts, scooters, tricycles and bicycles for kids under 13. By the time Nicole Rhodes established her company, most of the competitors competed in low-quality segment and until the 1985 only Fun Wheels were offering high-quality toys. However, by the mid-80s market demand shifted toward high-quality toys, with parents placing significant attention on toys’ development component. Continue reading

Home Depot Case Study

Depot i
s the major retailer who provides do-it-yourself (DIY) and buy-it-yourself (BIY) services. The company was successful since the day of its foundation and through the rapid growth became the major actor in the market. It also managed to spread its influence to the Canadian market.

Since its foundation, Home Depot executed aggressive market strategy and constantly increased the number of its stores except for the rare years. It is also remarkable that the company was founded in the period of the economic crisis and still managed to survive.

General overview
The company is devoted to the full customer satisfaction and through its entire history improved its service and provided customers with new opportunities. The company positions itself as a “good corporate citizen” and takes active part in social life. It has the stable image and uses its advertising resources efficiently allowing some departments to have their own creativity departments that allow to maintain the interest of the customers in the regions where special advertising policy and product lines are required. The part of the company’s policy in the field is the so-called “feel good” store. That means the store is supposed to be designed the way that the customer should feel good about entering the store, consulting to the assistants, paying the low price and visiting the store again in a while. This part of the company’s marketing strategy is essential and contributes to the company’s success greatly. Continue reading

Ethical Case Study Example

the sciences and studies relating to social and human problems oftentimes intersect and interrelate tightly. As for social, human, and moral issues are probably the most complex and controversial ones, all the subjects related to them must be observed carefully and attentively in order to avoid any possible mistakes. For instance, law and ethics were always combined together, especially within cases involved complex human factors like psychological and moral ones. There are numerous indicative examples of cases that soundly touch ethical and moral aspect of human rights. The Paul Cronan case is by right considered one of the most demonstrative cases.

The Paul Cronan case took place at 1985. This process became well-known in many countries and aroused numerous discussions all over the world. The twenty-years-ago period seems very similar to nowadays however there were significant differences in some areas. In the contemporary society every person of any age and origin is aware of what is AIDS and of important facts about it. We know much about this disease as for unfortunately it became very widespread dangerous challenge in our world. Still not so long ago, in the early eighties of twentieth century, most people did not even hear about this illness. Thus, any person that suffered from AIDS turned to be an outcast. This is what happened to Paul Cronan. Continue reading

Manchester Products: A Brand Transition Challenge


name is one of the most crucial components of the company. This is a direct link between company’s product and customer. It helps to create brand awareness, provides with greater customers’ interest in the product, and to generate larger revenues. The success of the company does not only depend on the high quality of their products or services, without a strong brand name company may lose large portion of their income. Whenever company decides to change its brand name or make a brand transaction, it should carefully think through all the possible outcomes this act might bring. Changing brand name resulted in sales decreases for many companies in the past and is still a big issue. Before making any changes in the name, company must consider reaction of their customers, possible dissatisfaction with the new name, and the possible loss of brand recognition.

Paul Logan, Inc. was faced with the problem of brand transition in 2005, when it decided to give its part of the business to Manchester Products for an acquisition. Paul Logan was a very successful company, which was producing fashionable consumer goods, by that time. It had four divisions, among which Paul Logan’s Furniture division was the weakest. Company’s biggest advantages were talented design team and partnership with the leading distribution channels. Since company decided to focus more on its other three divisions, it decided to free itself from the weakest one by giving it away to Manchester Products. Continue reading

How to Write a Case Study on a Person

case study is a complicated assignment that reflects student’s activity as a practitioner in the field of the particular profession. When one is asked to make a case study about person, he should understand that he is expected to observe the suggested subject from all possible angles. For example, there are case studies on patients, politicians, famous entrepreneurs, etc. The main idea of such an assignment is to analyze the personality’s biography and professional activity. A student is expected to define the factors that helped this personality become outstanding or dangerous (in case of the papers on criminals).

Way #1: Get Ready for Case Study Writing

Step One: Read about the Suggested Person
When you analyze a famous personality, you are supposed to read about her a lot. The best approach is to look through several biographies published by different authors. Very often, authors manage to collect authentic information that is not mentioned in another book. Therefore, the more you read the more objective image of a personality you receive. If you analyze the definite patient or criminal (for nursing or forensic sciences case studies), your opportunities increase. You can not only read the case of these people but also interview them and ask the questions that are considerable to you. In brief, you initial duty is to collect much information about the person under research. This information will help you analyze the subject objectively. Continue reading

How to Outline a Case Study

case study is a specific assignment, which is aimed at the analysis of a real-life person, situation, organization or phenomenon. Naturally, this paper is very specific; therefore, you ought to organize your thoughts in the proper order. You should analyze your topic logically in order to construct a high-quality and detailed case study. Doubtless, a good outline will help you prepare a logical and informative case study, because it prevents you from forgetting about any important elements and subcategories. You are able to write an outline for a case study if you take advantage of these simple writing guidelines. Continue reading

How to Write a Case Study in Strategic Management

you need to analyze a business strategy of the definite company, you should express the results of your work in a well-formatted case study. Strategic management is a very broad and interesting field for research. You will have to analyze your topic in detail and observe the strategy of a company from different sides. Moreover, you ought to learn how to compose your case study correctly. Below you will find the simplest strategic management case study writing tips, which will help you cope with this challenge successfully. Continue reading

Case Study on Motivation of Employees

Motivation of Employees Case Study:

Motivation of employees is a process that is characterized with numerous methods that are utilized to encourage an employee’s work. It does not worth mentioning that a company’s success depends on the effectiveness and industriousness of its employees. The best equipment will not substitute a talented and multitasking employee. When a business leader wants to improve the quality of production and to increase his revenue, he should employ the best experts who will work for his profit. Moreover, an experienced and wise leader should know how to motivate an employee’s performance. Obviously, many people work, because they need money. Others enjoy communication with their co-workers.

Others use their workplace for self-improvement and self-education. When one wants to make his employees work hard, he should find the right approach towards every person. There are several methods that can help one motivate his employees effectively. Continue reading