How to Write a Case Study on a Person

A case study is a complicated assignment that reflects student’s activity as a practitioner in the field of the particular profession. When one is asked to make a case study about person, he should understand that he is expected to observe the suggested subject from all possible angles. For example, there are case studies on patients, politicians, famous entrepreneurs, etc. The main idea of such an assignment is to analyze the personality’s biography and professional activity. A student is expected to define the factors that helped this personality become outstanding or dangerous (in case of the papers on criminals).

Way #1: Get Ready for Case Study Writing

Step One: Read about the Suggested Person
When you analyze a famous personality, you are supposed to read about her a lot. The best approach is to look through several biographies published by different authors. Very often, authors manage to collect authentic information that is not mentioned in another book. Therefore, the more you read the more objective image of a personality you receive. If you analyze the definite patient or criminal (for nursing or forensic sciences case studies), your opportunities increase. You can not only read the case of these people but also interview them and ask the questions that are considerable to you. In brief, you initial duty is to collect much information about the person under research. This information will help you analyze the subject objectively. Continue reading

How to Outline a Case Study

A case study is a specific assignment, which is aimed at the analysis of a real-life person, situation, organization or phenomenon. Naturally, this paper is very specific; therefore, you ought to organize your thoughts in the proper order. You should analyze your topic logically in order to construct a high-quality and detailed case study. Doubtless, a good outline will help you prepare a logical and informative case study, because it prevents you from forgetting about any important elements and subcategories. You are able to write an outline for a case study if you take advantage of these simple writing guidelines. Continue reading

How to Write a Case Study in Strategic Management

When you need to analyze a business strategy of the definite company, you should express the results of your work in a well-formatted case study. Strategic management is a very broad and interesting field for research. You will have to analyze your topic in detail and observe the strategy of a company from different sides. Moreover, you ought to learn how to compose your case study correctly. Below you will find the simplest strategic management case study writing tips, which will help you cope with this challenge successfully. Continue reading

Case Study on Motivation of Employees

Motivation of Employees Case Study:

Motivation of employees is a process that is characterized with numerous methods that are utilized to encourage an employee’s work. It does not worth mentioning that a company’s success depends on the effectiveness and industriousness of its employees. The best equipment will not substitute a talented and multitasking employee. When a business leader wants to improve the quality of production and to increase his revenue, he should employ the best experts who will work for his profit. Moreover, an experienced and wise leader should know how to motivate an employee’s performance. Obviously, many people work, because they need money. Others enjoy communication with their co-workers.

Others use their workplace for self-improvement and self-education. When one wants to make his employees work hard, he should find the right approach towards every person. There are several methods that can help one motivate his employees effectively. Continue reading

Case Study on Dating Violence

Dating Violence Case Study:

Dating violence is a problem that touches upon an unmarried couple. Sometimes one practices violent actions against his partner in order to impose his will upon him or to manipulate him. Dating violence exists in different forms of abuse – sexual, racial, economic, physical, emotional abuse, etc. Moreover, it is practiced by male and female partners.

Sometimes a partner wants to manipulate his girlfriend and practices improper methods to reach his goal. Such actions as sexual assault or sexual harassment are quite common between some partners. A dominant partner abuses the subordinate one and wants to maintain control over him. The method of emotional blackmail is also very widespread among couples. One partner tries to make the other one guilty in order to persuade him to fulfil his wishes.

Relations of numerous couples are built on guilt, fear and obligation. They live under constant pressure and they cannot release from the impact of their partner, because he threatens or practices any methods of physical abuse against her. Continue reading

Case Study on Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Case Study:

Emotional intelligence is a group of mental qualities that help one understand his own emotions and emotions of the surrounding people. People who possess emotional intelligence are able to understand emotions of other people. Moreover, they can control their own emotional sphere. It helps them conform to the changes of social environment and achieve their goal easier as they are able to communicate with other people better. It is obvious that emotional intelligence is a very helpful quality, because it enables one to gain favorable occupation and career ladder promotion.

Emotional intelligence is important in different spheres of human life. First, in education. When a teacher understands emotions of his students, he will find the best approach towards them. He will be able to make them interested in his subject, and their knowledge will be quite solid. Secondly, it is business. Continue reading

Case Study on Motivation in the Workplace

Motivation in the Workplace Case Study:

Motivation in the workplace is a complex of methods and techniques that help one encourage an employee’s performance. Every entrepreneur understands that he will not be able to build a profitable company if he does not train and encourage his employees to work hard. Every employee is a unique personality who has her personal material and spiritual values, expectations and ambitions. A smart leader will be able to recognize motives and values of every employee in order to find the right approach towards his personality. A workplace is a very important factor that influences the quality of one’s work. An average employee spends more than eight hours of his time in the workplace every day. It is natural that the quality of this workplace will influence his performance seriously.

A good business leader should know how to organize a workplace effectively and how to create the best working atmosphere for his employees. Continue reading

Domestic Abuse Case Study

Case Study on Domestic Abuse:

Domestic abuse is a complex of problems that are connected with physical, psychological, emotional, sexual and any other form of abuse that occurs at home.

Naturally, domestic abuse is a relevant problem, because more than 50% of families suffer from it. The forms of domestic abuse are quite different. One can mention physical, emotional, economic, sexual, verbal and other types of abuse. The problem of marital rape is also quite urgent nowadays though very few people speak about it openly. Domestic abuse is closely connected with cultural and social peculiarities of society. The absolute number of cases related with domestic abuse are conducted by men or husbands. They have got used to their dominant role in human society and they treat their wives as subordinate partners. Then, this problem is closely connected with female rights and children rights. Continue reading

Accounting Ethics Case Study

Case Study on Accounting Ethics:

Accounting ethics is a part of ethics that deals with the field of accounting. It is obvious that the sphere of finance is too far from morality, because every entrepreneur wants to make as much money as possible and very often, he practices improper methods that make him richer.

The main idea of accounting is to record a company’s performance, its failures and profit.

Nowadays, big corporations depend on shareholders and investors. They invest money into a company and they want earn money if this company becomes a successful one. If this company has high annual profit, shareholders and investors will receive solid sums of money.

Consequently, unfair international corporations and other big companies try to hide their actual revenue in order to reduce disbursement to their investors. This common practice is punished by law, so companies try to do it insensibly. Continue reading

Case Study on Animal Abuse

Animal Abuse Case Study:

Animal abuse is associated with cruel attitude towards animals. When one causes harm to physical and psychological health of an animal, he abuses it. Animal abuse is characterized with the lack of logical motives of cruelty to animals. Many people abuse an animal, even though it does not cause harm to their health. There are several types of animal abuse. First, it is killing animals for fur and food. Naturally, this aspect touches upon wild animals and pets.

Secondly, it is hunting. Hunters kill animals for fun and treat their action as a kind of sports. The problem of hunting is very serious, because many hunters utilize inhumane methods of hunting that torture animals and cause terrible pain and suffering. Thirdly, it is industrial animal farming. Such animals are kept in inhumane conditions, where they do not have space to move and sleep well. Moreover, these animals (cows, sheep, hens, pigs, etc.) are slaughtered in cruel way that causes suffering and slow death. Continue reading