Consumer Behavior Case Study

Judging from the survey (Table 1), one can conclude that obviously the target market of the program is people with above the average level of income, who are over twenty one years old. The target market includes people who care about their sexuality and image.

The goals of the brand product placement seem to be as described below. The commercial of for example Martini brand is supposed to appeal the following: sexy, attractive and successful adults enjoy their lives, and drink Martini. If you drink martini – you are on your way to success and attractiveness. Opposite sex will like you a lot more if you drink Martini. Besides, Martini allows you to feel relaxed and confident. Martini gives you an opportunity to enjoy your life to a maximum.

As it is known from the theory about the consumer behavior, usually products and brands are placed in such a way that will allow attracting not only the direct target market, but also those who inhabit the surrounding of people, who belong to target market. For example if Martini is the sponsor of Sex and the City, and this movie is watched primarily by women aged 25-45, then the surrounding target people would be males, aged primarily 30-50.

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Therefore, it is quite common that the brands like Gillette and Durex are also introduced during the program. These product brands are targeting males who watch the same movie, or males who potentially are influenced by women who watch the movie. The appeal of Gillette commercial is the following: strong, attractive, successful and desired by women males use Gillette branded products. If you are one of the males and you are using Gillette, during shaving, your chances of being attractive to women are significantly higher. Besides, your self-confidence and physical strength increase, and therefore you are associated with strong, sexy, successful and attractive man.

Placement of Durex brand together with Gillette and Martini is also very logical. First of all, if the target audience associate themselves with successful and attractive people they are therefore sexually active. In order to make sexual contact with attractive person pleasant and safe, Durex suggests their products to satisfy the needs for safety and pleasure.

Placement of Dolce and Gabanna brand among Martini, Gillette and Durex during the program is also rather logical. Since, as it was mentioned earlier, primary target market of the program is the audience, which cares about their image and style, attractiveness and successfulness, the clothing from a fashionable and well known brand fits perfectly in the picture. The shoes and clothing from Dolce and Gabanna are determinants of style and fashion, taste and prestige. Fitting perfectly in the overall picture, the product of Dolce and Gabanna receives way more chances of attracting new customers and maintaining interest to their brand, than it would have, if they placed their product together with, for example Mc Donald’s and Dollar store.

Appearance of Toyota brand in the program also corresponds to the tastes and preferences of the audience form the suggested target market. Toyota is a car, which has a reputation of a reliable quality. The target audience of the brand is people with income above average, however not yet those who are hunting for luxury. The primary audience of the program corresponds to this requirement. At the same time, Toyota brand fits very well in the m=image of a successful, independent, sexy, confident and attractive adult.

From my point of view, this smart placement of product brands can and most likely will influence consumer behavior. Attractiveness of the characters in the program, which use these products will stimulate consumers purchase these brands more eagerly, than before.

A similar product placement and consumer orientation can be discovered, when visiting local malls. Let us look at four examples and compare their approaches to customer attraction and attempts to influence behavior of consumers in their target market: Wall Mart, Barneys, Queen Center and Marshalls.

Barneys malls are obviously emphasizing prestige of their stores, together with the comfort and nice music. Through the use of color, music, brightness and contrast management of the stores is trying to achieve this perception of the consumers. Barney suggests casual apparel and accessories, targeting relatively young market in a stylish environment that breaks from the flagship store’s refined, upscale atmosphere.

Wall mart is obviously targeting a different market. They aim to attract the buyers from average to below average income, suggesting special not expensive offers. Wall Mart sells all kinds of products. The atmosphere of the store is correspondent: the consultants are not keeping the image of prestigious store, but rather are trying to be nice, practical and helping.

Marshalls mall is oriented on the target market consisting of people with average level of income, who enjoy their lives and look for good deals on goods with a reliable quality. The atmosphere of the mall is casual and nice. Sounds, colors and workers of the store make customers feel comfortable and cozy. There is no appeal to prestige and elite items.

Queen Center is a store situated in New York. This place also appeals to the middle and upper middle class buyers of all ages. They also emphasize “smart deals” and comfortable, yet not too fancy atmosphere.

Name of the brand Number of times the product was shown during 90 minutes
Martini 7
Gillette 5
Dolce & Gabanna 4
Victoria’s Secret 4
Durex 5
Toyota 4

* Table 1

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