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Comcast Case Study

History and Background
Comcast began in 1963 and is known as the Comcast Corporation. The company was formerly named the American Cable Systems and has its headquarters in Pennsylvania. The company started as a small cable system company in Mississippi and its founders are Julian A. Brodsky and Ralph J. Roberts; two individuals with remarkable minds. Upon moving to Philadelphia in 1969, the name changed to the present-day Comcast Corporation. It is one of the largest cable television providers in the United States which deals with communication products and entertainment services. However, the business had its success based on various strategic investments done in the past to ensure its growth over the years. These investments include the acquisition of rival systems such as the Storer Communications way back in 1988, the Group W. Cable in 198 and Jones Intercable Incorporation in 1999 among others. Continue reading

DonorsChoose Case Analysis Paper

Part 1

Question 1
Accountability is an essential aspect of organisational management. Charles Best ensured that there is transparency in DonorsChoose. The recipient must justify the use of finances and resources raised. Secondly, it is necessary for an emphasis on the mission and vision of a firm. Focused management fosters resourcefulness and improvement leading to organisational success.

Question 2
The best aspect about the operations of DonorsChoose is the elimination of middlemen, allowing teachers and donors to connect. As a result of their platform, education in public schools has been improved. The commitment of the organisation led to the utilization of 100% of the resources contributed. Continue reading

The Peyton Tuthill Case

My essay on the Petyon Tuthill Case will address four main questions: What was the offender’s reason for committing this crime? Was he organized or disorganized during and after the crime? Was I convinced that Gerald Simpson was the offender, why or why not; and what lessons can be learned from this investigation and the outcome? Having listened to a series of audio recordings wherein the case is discussed, and after consulting the following sources: Sexual homicide: Patterns and motives, Burgess, A. W., Ressler, R. K., & Douglas, J. E. (2014) and Sexual murder: Catathymic and compulsive homicides, Schlesinger, L. B. (2004), my conclusions are that: Dante Page committed the crime out of desperation. His behavior while committing the crime was initially organized and methodical, and later became more reckless and disorganized. Based on the initial evidence, I was certain that the offender was Gerald Simpson. The investigation and the outcome demonstrated that DNA evidence is a powerful tool in confirming the identity of the perpetrator of a crime. Continue reading

Consumer Behavior Case Study

Judging from the survey (Table 1), one can conclude that obviously the target market of the program is people with above the average level of income, who are over twenty one years old. The target market includes people who care about their sexuality and image.

The goals of the brand product placement seem to be as described below. The commercial of for example Martini brand is supposed to appeal the following: sexy, attractive and successful adults enjoy their lives, and drink Martini. If you drink martini – you are on your way to success and attractiveness. Opposite sex will like you a lot more if you drink Martini. Besides, Martini allows you to feel relaxed and confident. Martini gives you an opportunity to enjoy your life to a maximum.

As it is known from the theory about the consumer behavior, usually products and brands are placed in such a way that will allow attracting not only the direct target market, but also those who inhabit the surrounding of people, who belong to target market. For example if Martini is the sponsor of Sex and the City, and this movie is watched primarily by women aged 25-45, then the surrounding target people would be males, aged primarily 30-50. Continue reading

Guess Case Study

Brand Marketing Strategy

Guess Inc. successfully markets its products under the brand name of “Guess?” (question mark). The novel high-end brand Marciano had been dissociated from Guess? not to downgrade Guess? for the customers.

From the official website one learns that the marketing strategy for Guess? employs sex symbols of the modern world in order to establish the proper image for Guess? clothes and related products. Guess Inc. does not utilize any other key words besides fashion, comfort, style and sexuality in its marketing strategy following the concept of “sex sells”.

Marciano brand besides sexuality focuses on top notch ‘elite’ clothes intended for rich and successful individuals, notably females. Unlike Guess? which starts to concentrate more and more on teenagers and people in their 20s-30s, Marciano focuses on ‘elite’ females in their late 30s and over who had succeeded in their lives already and need to position themselves differently from teens with respect to clothing. Continue reading

Human Resource Strategy Case Study

1) Identifying organization’s Vision, Mission, and Values

While Yahoo! Has formed a distinct corporate culture, it lacks certain cementing elements of every organization – its vision, mission, and values. Lately, many Yahoo! employees have shown anxiety about the state of affairs and distrust to their organization. As a result, high turnover rate among senior management has amplified the need for a new HR strategy.

2)  Job Analysis

Taking into account the rapid pace of organization’s development, this function of HR team has been overlooked. In the process of job analysis, it’s necessary to investigate the duties and skill requirements of each job in the company. It can benefit Yahoo! in two major ways: first of all, employee layoff can be done effectively and with minimum loses through reducing redundancy; secondly, the process of hiring new employees should correlate with job description.

3) Workforce Planning

As the case study informs, workforce planning wasn’t the primary focus of the HR team, and succession planning was absent altogether. The company lacked competency models or assessment and profiling tools. Continue reading

Demand Forecasting Case Study


Nowadays, a variety of forecasting methods are used by different organizations. In actuality, it is hardly possible to speak about the most efficient or less efficient. Nonetheless, it should be pointed out that among the variety of methods there are some which are widely spread but are still not deprived of certain drawbacks as well as advantages. At the same time, it is necessary to realize that regardless their advantages or drawbacks forecasting methods are essential and practically each method is unique though some common features may be traced as well.

Time series methods

Among the most popular forecasting methods, it is possible to single out the group of methods that are traditionally referred to as time series methods. Basically, these methods attempt to understand time series, often to understand the underlying theory of the data points, or what is particularly important to make forecasts. Continue reading

Microsoft Monopoly Case Study


Speaking about a monopoly I should clarify the concept of monopoly itself. What does it mean? According to Oxford Wordpower dictionary,  ‘Monopoly is a company or an organization that controls the industry’.

So it means a monopolistic (exceptional) activity or right that is concentrated in a certain sphere. As soon as you become the actual owner of market, you acquire possibility to dictate terms and especially price. That is why discounts are no longer needed. So it is rather hard to survive in a fight with a giant. Therefore you are able to hold a high price, ignoring the laws of open market. In addition, you have no need to care about permanent perfection of technology; you do not even need to support quality at former level. Continue reading

Writing a Case Study for Psychology Class

Case-technology is a methodically organized process of analyzing specific situations from the practice of professional activity. As a result of the analysis of situations, students develop professional competencies necessary for the successful implementation of this activity. The case method is oriented not so much to the acquisition of specific knowledge as to the development of abilities and skills, among which special attention is paid to the ability to process and analyze large amounts of information. This allows to learn how to analyze cause-effect relationships and create a ready-made result-oriented predictions and solutions.

Creating a Case for Your Psychology Class

It is important to keep in mind that cases describe real events that, under conditions of scarcity of resources, are not amenable to an unambiguously correct decision. A good case should contain several possible solutions. The construction of the case consists in proposing the possibilities, probabilities, and means of achieving the goal. Continue reading

E-Business Case Study

Basically, can be divided into several units which may be viewed as separate business but their effectiveness increases substantially as they are united in one company.

First of all, it is possible to speak about the distribution unit which actually searches for the newest products and serves as an intermediary between producers and Another unit is focused directly on sales of the electronics and other products the distribution units supplies for the company. Furthermore, it is possible to single out the shipping unit which deals with the delivery of the products sold by the company to customers. It is extremely important that the company has an IT unit which deals with all IT applied in the website and the company at large, it also provides the company security as well as the security of private information of customers. Finally, it is possible to single out the advertising and PR unit which deals with the promotion of the company and products it offers to customers as well as with public relations of the company. Continue reading