Case Study – Amazon: One E-Store to Rule Them All

Question One
In the online retail business, Amazon has emerged to be a problem solver through providing their customers with a variety of products across various countries. For example, the author argues that, “the company has made websites for specific nations in a bid to serve their clients effectively.” In essence, hurdles related to websites unfamiliarity have not been experienced by the organization’s target customers.

Question Two
In the case of Amazon, its CEO Bezos has shown the concept of systematic and intuitive thinking through the various innovations the organization has implemented in its course (Patel, Sachin, and Ratish 110). Notably, the firm begun as an online books retail store where it has developed to launching competition with Apple by producing Kindle and Kindle Fire.

Question Three
In Amazon, the management has continued to apply the concept of strategic opportunism where it has invested in different businesses while keeping in mind the main goal being a world leading technological firm. Remarkably, for example in the case Amazon case study, the article claims that, “the firm has utilized the available opportunities daily to help solve challenges faced by their customers in the market such as the search for various goods.”

Question Four
The following are programmed decisions that Amazon will have to make;
Sticking to the company’s long terms goals despite the actions of its competitors, continue helping customers solving their daily challenges, and reinvestment in viable opportunities to keep the company growing.

Question Five
However, Amazon will have to possess the following non-programmed decisions; making inventions that post real competition to other firms in the market, concentrate with utilizing the company’s strengths, and be flexible enough to fit market alterations.

Question Six
In the case of Amazon, the enterprise will face crisis related to competition by huge firms in the technological field such as Apple (Patel, Sachin, and Ratish 112). Likewise, the management will have problems regarding staying focused in the market despite venturing in multiple opportunities.

Question Seven
Amazon is likely to operate in a risk decision environment. As such, since the company continues to invest in new opportunities, it does so knowing the plan might work or fail based on the available factors and competition.

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Work Cited
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