Case Study on Zappos – How They Did It

Question One
In the case of Zappos Company, Tony Hsieh has shown excellent leadership where he has relied on several strategies to ensure the provision of the best experience in the shoe and clothing industry. As such, in the case study, the author details that, “Hsieh revealed that the company has focused on providing “WOW” services to their clients despite the situation.” For example, “the CEO claimed that some of the customers make orders late in the night where the delivery is done within eight hours.” Most importantly, Hsieh has ensured the strict adherence to the organization’s policies to outdo succeed in the market.

Question Two
Notably, Zappos leadership has continued to apply the concept of House’s Path Goal through ensuring the utilization of the employees, the environment, and customers to achieve its organizational targets. As such, the case study stipulates that, “the management has continued to better its relationship with other firms as well as providing the best customer experience.” Most importantly, the management has been offering the most appropriate support to their workers to offer exemplary services and work dedication.

Question Three
In the case of Hsieh, the CEO has effectively shown the application of charismatic leadership where he has used various strategies to win the heart of people in the market. As a result, the company has relied on its good relationship with the customers, the environment, and its employees to succeed in the market (Eremina and Vesa). Remarkably, transformational leadership has also been witnessed through the company’s changes in serving the market.

Question Four
Compared to his boss Jeff Bezos, Hsieh leadership skills are alike to a particular extent. In essence, the articles argues that, “Hsieh changes in the company have confirmed the application of systematic and intuitive thinking through unraveling plans as opportunities surface in the market.” Subsequently, both the leaders rely on good market relations to develop their ventures in the global market.

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Work Cited
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