Adolescent Development Case Study

Case Study on Adolescent Development:

Adolescent development is the development of the human organism during the teenage period from the age of 13 to 18. It does not worth mentioning that the teenage organism faces numerous troubles both in the physical and psychological aspects.

Parents agree that a teenager is the most complicated person and it is difficult to cope with him and make him obey the rules of the family, school and social norm in general. Of course, adolescent period of the human life is the ‘bridge’ between childhood and adulthood and this short period is quite important for the life of the individual, because it shows his type of personality.

Teenagers experience numerous alterations on the physiological level. Their body grows, there are numerous processes connected with hormones which prepare the organism to the life as an adult.

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Many teenagers have problems with skin and heart, have pains in bones, etc because the body grows rapidly and the muscle system can not gain on this process effectively. The psychological aspect of adolescent development is far more dramatic. The teenager supposes that he is no longer a child and strives for independence.

There are frequent cases of protests against the regular norms and the system of the human society. No wonder, teenagers are supposed to be the rebels against the old norms of life. Of course, such kind of behaviour is closely connected with the processes occurring in the organism, especially the processes related with hormones. In order to make the teenager feel convenient parents and teachers have to be patient, flexible and try to put themselves in the shoes of the young person and avoid conflicts with her.

Adolescent period is quite troublesome for the young people themselves, their parents and teachers and it is important to understand the source of the behaviour and physiologic alterations from the scientific point of view. The student who is writing a case study on adolescent development should analyse the problem from all sides and explain the meaning of the term and the scientific and natural backgrounds of the problem. One should observe the direct case from the points of view of psychology, physiology, sociology, etc and learn about the cause and effect of the very problem trying to solve it professionally.

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