Business Law Case Study Writing Tips

Business law case studies are often even more intricate than standard legal case studies because they imply that you have to know not only the legal part but also some business, accounting, and finance principles and apply them accordingly. It might be an unbearable task sometimes, and we can’t promise that with our tips you will deal with this task easily and in no time, as it would be a lie. However, using our set of rules applicable to almost any case study, you will be able to avoid the most common pitfalls at least. Pay attention to your professor’s requirements, as these tips are general, and might contradict instructions common to your university.

Know the Standard Structure

No matter how long the case study is and how long your response should be, the standard structure stays similar: Situation in Question – Brief answer – Case you quote – Judgement. When you describe the situation in question try to stay brief and don’t give too many details as most of them are absolutely not relevant later for the Judgement. Sometimes the situation in question, the case is already given by your professor, which makes it easier for you, as it already contains the exhausting information and you don’t have to make decisions on what to include or not. When giving a brief answer, you summarize the decision without giving too much background to it. In the case study part, you quote a relevant legal/business case as background and show the relevance to the situation in question. In the judgment part, you summarize all mentioned above.

Identify the Core Facts of the Case Study

Don’t start writing before you don’t decide for yourself which facts and twists are the major for resolving this particular case study. In the real world, you will have to face complex cases with possible dozens of pages describing irrelevant points, and you will have to find something that is truly necessary within those descriptions. If the case study is rather extended — print it out and underline the most relevant parts. This way it will be much more illustrative. Based on these facts you will make your assumptions, and based on those assumptions you will look for relevant cases to quote, so be very attentive from the very beginning.

Define the Roots of the Problem

It is a little tricky, but it will surely help you resolve the issue correctly and efficiently. Regarding business law case studies, the problems might be as follows: management, organization, technology, marketing, financial laws. Some of these matters may not be directly related to the legal practices, especially from the first glance, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t mention them and elaborate on them, as any business is a complex mechanism and you can’t approach it only from one side.

Give Options and Recommend the Most Favorable One

When elaborating on your judgment, give several options for recommendations which you consider applicable to the particular case. Describe pros and cons of each solution and choose the most advantageous one. Link it with the related case studies and explain why this solution is the best one in the particular situation. The trick is, even if you choose not the most applicable one, your professor will appreciate this approach and pay attention to the options you have developed and recommended. Of course, you should use only official business and academic language but writing about interesting case studies try to be not too dry.

Writing a case study, you have to apply the same proofreading tactics you apply to any other academic paper — read it loud, use online grammar checkers and check the logical structure of the document. Additionally, you have to pay attention to the formatting, because in the case studies you often quote some pieces of legislation and they require extra attention in terms the chosen of citation style. Give yourself at least half a day for proofreading. Otherwise, you can miss points because of the mediocre mistakes and omissions. Writing a business law case study is not easy, but we believe in you! Good luck!

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