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Free Car Accident Case Study:

For the situation with Barney Smith’s car crushing into Lula Mae Johnson’s house and then causing all other injuries were the following causes.

The first reason for all accidents to happen was the low quality of Fire brand tires, which therefore are not safe to use on road on behalf of their defects – the accident with Barney’s car proves this fact. Therefore, the defendant is the FireBrand Inc., which produces low quality, even dangerous tires without warning the customer of the possible defects.

Then, subsequently, Barney’s car knocked down the utility pole. The reason for the utility pole to be at that place was that the Electric Power Co. Inc. has ignored prescribed standards, and has placed the utility pole not in accordance with the legislation, citing and defining standards for the minimum distance between a utility pole and a lively road. The defendant in this case is the Electric Power Co. Inc., for the corporation has violated legislation and has put people, who are living in that neighborhood in danger.

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The situation with the injured Suzie Samson seems to be even more complicated, for if Barney would not have knocked down the utility pole, the damage would not have been caused to her by Dr. Lucy Luckless. Along with the serious accident, one should not forget about fact that in the neighborhood sixteen houses were for an unknown time without electricity. The main reason for the accident to happen also was the Electric Power Co. Inc., which violated the rules defined by the law, and put the utility pole too close to the street, for the company had to have considered that any place too close to the street may be a scene for an accident. The defendant in this case is obviously the Electric Power Co. Inc.

The damage of the antique coffee table, an end table, a heirloom lamp, and the injury of Lula Mae Johnson’s son Jeremiah was caused by the falling utility pole. however, the reason for that pole to fall was the inaccuracy of Barney’s navigation after the car started to swerve due to the torn tire. The second reason was that the utility pole was on the wrong place. Would it have been at the right place, the accident might not have occurred. Therefore, here are two defendants: The FireBrand Inc and the Electric Power Co. Inc. For Jeremiah’s injury, the FireBrand Inc should be responsible, for it can be equated with a car accident where people were injured.

Concluding this case, I want to state that though Barney seems to be guilty for damages that happened at the first sight, he was just a victim of the given circumstances. The two defendants for this case are the FireBrand Inc. and the Electric Power Co. Inc., who have violated quality norms and legislative standards accordingly, both have violated ethical behavior toward those, who use their products.

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