Case Study on Ageing Population

is the increase of the percentage of the elderly people in the total number of people on the planet. Population ageing is a serious problem, which touches upon different spheres of human life, especially economics, because if the number of the retired people increases, there will be no workforce which will maintain the appropriate financial, cultural and political condition of the country. According to the predictions in 2050 the number of the retired people will be equal to more than 2 billion. The main targets of population ageing are the developed countries in Europe, North America, Australia and the Russian part of Asia. The developing countries do not have this problem, because the average age of the people there is 20 – 30, which is supposed to be the indicator of the extremely young age.

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Population ageing is caused by numerous factors. First of all, the distortion of the worldview, material and moral values and this influenced the character of the reproduction of the population, the rates of deaths, and migration. The main reason of the ageing of population in the developed countries is the reduction of the birth rate, because the people in the developed countries plan their family wiser and never agree to have more than two children and a standard family in Europe and Japan already has only one child. The problem of population ageing is very serious, because if the number of the retired people increases, it will be impossible to provide them will pension, because it will cost too much for economics and the only way out is the increase of the retirement age.

Ageing population is the important problem, because it influences the economics of the world and the quality of life of people. A good ageing population case study is supposed to explain the relevance of the problem, describe the problem from all sides and touch upon the factors which cause the problem and the methods which can solve the problem effectively. The student can pay attention to the statistics and predict the further situation of ageing population and try to brainstorm the best alternative methods which can be useful for the solution of the problem.

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