Case Study on Agoraphobia

Agoraphobia Case Study:

Agoraphobia is the fear of crowds and open spaces. The phobia is characterized with the psychological disorder which is expressed when one occurs in the crowded place or vast area, no matter whether there are many people or not. Agoraphobia can also occur if one goes along the empty street alone, because the feeling of stress and panic appears. Agoraphobia occurs as the mechanism of protection from the impact of the outer environment. The phobia can appear after a strong stress or under the impact of people and their emotional disorders. Agoraphobia is often followed by the psychological disorders which make its effect stronger. At the very beginning agoraphobia meant the fear of the markets, because the patients first noticed the attack of panic after visiting overcrowded markets and streets, but later it became obvious that it was a simple fear of crowds but not of a certain direct place. Today the experts in this question have proved that agoraphobia is not only the fear of the open places but the fear of the unpredictable situations.

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Naturally, when one is far from his home in a public place, there is a chance of a spontaneous and unpredictable situation, which can not be controlled; as a result the patient who can not react to such situations adequately becomes afraid of such overcrowded places. Agoraphobia is closely connected with social phobia, because the patient can exist peacefully without the problem of stress only at home without the contact with other people. The interesting trait of the people who suffer from the phobia is that they can live and work without leaving their home for years without any discomfort.

The topic of agoraphobia can be called an interesting one and is surely worth attention. Before writing a case study a student should learn about agoraphobia from the reliable sources, like articles in the scientific periodicals, the Internet and encyclopaedias and only after having improved his knowledge on the problem a student can analyze the direct case well. A student is expected to research the case site and find out the cause of agoraphobia and its effect on the patient. Finally one should predict the further life of the patient and brainstorm the most effective solutions to the problem of his treatment.

When there is an assignment to prepare a good case study, students generally start to panic, because it is not easy to complete the paper well. With the help of the Internet and a free example case study on panic disorders with agoraphobia a student can learn about the problem a lot. One can look through a well-formatted free sample case study of agoraphobia in the web and understand how to analyze and compose the paper correctly.

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