Case Study on Agribusiness

Agribusiness Case Study:

Agribusiness is the business which is closely connected with agriculture and the peculiarities of its work. Naturally, agriculture is one of the most important spheres of the human activity, because without good one can not survive. Moreover, agriculture is the oldest activity which provides the human civilization with food.

Of course, due to the long time of its existence, agriculture has numerous forms, types and methods and every region on the planet is unique in this case, as in different countries grow different crops, vegetables and fruit. The agribusiness is the branch of economics which maintains the appropriate activity of agriculture, makes it function well, etc. But the main functions and aims of agribusiness is not just to grow various vegetables and fruit, but to farm it on time, seed the new plants on time in order to provide people with food in the following seasons.

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Agribusiness also includes such processes as supply with equipment, machinery, logistics and storage of crops. In addition, the business works on the processing of crops, their distribution to the certain areas where they are sold in the stores of retail sales. Naturally, agribusiness is still a prosperous business and most of the farms are private and belong to families and small organizations which donate money into the development of the business, maintenance of the crops’ quality and make everything for the rational grow of the cultures which are in need. Due to the well-developed and varied sphere of agribusiness people all over the world have the chance to purchase products of various kinds and vary their menu consuming ‘exotic’ vegetables and fruit grown in various corners of the planet.

Agribusiness is an extremely important, complicated and profitable business. It is obvious that agriculture is quite a troublesome business which has its risks and unpredictable moments. For example, natural disasters can cause damage to the business and it will be difficult to restore it.

When students start writing agribusiness case studies they have to research the case from all sides and make sure they have investigated the cause and effect of the problem, the strong and the weak sides of the business, etc. The main task of every student is to evaluate the situation with agribusiness and solve the problem in the appropriate way relying on personal experience and knowledge.

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