Case Study on Bad Customer Service

Bad Customer Service Case Study:

Bad customer service is the negative experience which is faced by a client during the process of purchasing goods or services at a company. Generally, bad customer service is connected with the careless and unprofessional work of the staff of a company who failed to satisfy the needs of the client properly.

For example, if you are waiting for half an hour for a small cup of coffee at a cafe, it naturally starts to irritate, as a result, even if you receive your coffee, you will never probably come to that cafe again. The result of such behavior and ill treating of client deprived the company of its customers.

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The impact of bad customer service is very harmful for a company, especially the small one, which does not possess great stream of customers. No wonder, small firms try to avoid such incidents, because it will influence their financial health and even existence. The reason is very simple: if a few customers complain on the service of the firm, they will probably share this news with their friends, relatives and co-workers, as bad news spreads faster than good news. People forget good service (because they simply do not expect nothing more than a perfect work of the company they apply for) but they will never forget bad service and will surely share the news in the Internet making poor reputation for the firm. It does not worth mentioning that bad customer service is a good technique which can be used by the competing companies, which try to occupy the top position in the sector and make everything possible to get rid of competition.

Bad customer service is a serious problem for modern business, because it makes businessmen create new strategies and improve their work constantly to keep their service of the highest level, because even the slightest negative response can ruin everything. In order to prepare a good case study a student will need to find out about the problem under investigation and collect trustworthy data to analyse it well. With the help of the reliable evidence one will easily find the reason of the problem and will value its consequences for the company. Finally, one will need to suggest an effective way out of the problem to normalize the situation in the company.

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