Case Study on Balance Sheet Analysis

Balance Sheet Analysis Case Study:

Balance sheet analysis is the analysis and sober evaluation of the financial condition and potential of the company. A balance sheet has the information about the finance, credit history, profit and expenditure of the company. This analysis is made regularly in the certain periods of time, for example once a month, once in the half of the year or annually. Balance sheet analysis is the important process, because it helps the businessman to understand the condition of the company’s finance, equipment, its ability to develop further (whether the company possesses enough money for the production in the following year), etc. On the basis of the balance sheet analysis investors choose the most appropriate and reliable companies to invest money into.

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If the results of the analysis are satisfactory and the company will be able to receive high profit, it is a good sign for the investors. It is reasonable to compare the results of balance sheet analysis of different periods to realize the condition of the company. For example if there is constant grow of the numbers, the businessman may be sure that he develops his company right; if there is certain decrease, he will have to change something to solve the existing problems.

Balance sheet analysis is the essential part of the accounting process in every company, so every student who wants to be an expert in accounting, business and marketing should know this topic well. If one expects to prepare a successful balance sheet accounting case study, he should devote much time to the research of the problem and its key points. The aim of the case study is to teach a student to analyze things soberly and think critically. Moreover, one should learn to use his knowledge on the discipline on practice or in the particular situations presented in case studies. So, one will have to research the problem of the case study, explore the case site, distinguish the cause and effect of the problem and share his ideas concerning its solution. If one manages to solve the suggested problem concerning the balance sheet analysis, it will surely be a serious success.

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