Case Study on Behaviour Problems

Behaviour Problems Case Study:

Behaviour problems are the problems which occur because of the impropriate human behaviour.

Naturally, behaviour problems cause much harm to the human activity and social life and everyone should devote many efforts to train his will and maintain the appropriate type of behaviour. It is quite obvious that every event, every place and case requires its own type of behaviour, for example, at school students have to behave well following the rules and fulfill their duties. At the lesson the behaviour should be formal and restrained, while at the break up students have the right to behave informally and freely. In the regular conditions the individual is expected to keep his emotions, reactions and behaviour in the whole under control, but when one can not behave according to the rules and standards of the definite situation, behaviour problems occur. The problem is especially widespread among children. It is quite a common problem that children do not understand how to behave at school and with elderly people.

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The situation is far more difficult and serious when behaviour problems touch upon adolescents who survive the developmental changes of the growth of their body and psychics. This category of people is the most vulnerable for the activation of behaviour problems. When they are dissatisfied with something, they start getting angry, they are stressed and very often they start acting in the destructive way trying to demonstrate their protest against the surrounding world. With the run of time (up to the age of 20) these natural behaviour problems disappear and the young person starts living a normal life. There are also the types of behaviour problems which are caused by a certain serious disease and injure of the nervous system or its elements.

Behaviour problems are the most widespread problems which occur among young people and affect their social life negatively. The student is able to observe the problem in detail and to try to research the definite case from all sides in order to learn about the cause of the behaviour problems and their effect on the process of socialization. The young professional is able to analyze the case efficiently and brainstorm the possible solutions to the existing problems applying the right psychological and behavioural techniques and methods.

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Custom Case Study on Behaviour Problems

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