Case Study on Brain Damage

Brain Damage Case Study:

Brain damage is the process of the damage of the brain cells under the effect of various factors.

The most obvious factors which cause brain damage are the inner and outer ones. Both groups of factors have the same impact on the human brain – they destroy its cells. As a result the patient starts suffering from the intellectual disability, mental fatigue, various disorders related with the nervous system and even coma. The injured brain can not function properly and the patient faces many troubles with understanding the information, problems with memory, obtains sleeping disorders, movement problems, etc. The human brain is a very delicate organ and if something bad happens with it, the results can be unpredictable, because the brain controls other systems of organs and the patient can receive various disorders which are not related with nervous system from the first sight. There are many factors which can cause brain damage.

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The most widespread inner facts are the negative impact of the medicine, the negative effects of treatment and the reaction of the organism on various groups of remedies. The so called outer factors are more varied and include the harmful influence of alcohol, drugs and other substances which intoxicate the human organism, especially brains. Then, one can receive brain damage because of the infection or poison. The most obvious outer factor of brain damage is the physical trauma which is characterized with the head injury, brain in particular. All possible physical injuries of the head, pushes even the slightest ones are able to cause the brain damage and make the patient helpless. There are many ways of treatment of brain damage: taking vitamins, practising therapies, help of a physiatrist and surgery, etc.

Brain damage is a serious problem which can ruin the human life, because the brain is no less important the heart. The student who is asked to prepare an effective case study about brain damage and its influence on the human health should learn about the matter a lot and analyze the definite problem in the appropriate way. The student should dwell on the cause and effect of brain damage and find the solution to this problem. One is supposed to interview the patient or simply collect facts about hum in order to evaluate the issue on brain damage objectively.

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