Case Study on Business, Government and Society

Business, Government and Society Case Study:

Business, government and society are the three major components of the modern human civilization which is aimed at the constant and gradual development and self-improvement.

Naturally, form the first sight these three elements are not connected with one another, but the truth is actually completely different. Society is the main component of the civilization, because it embraces all the people, social groups and social classes who coexist in the single territory according to the norms which have been working for centuries. The government is the force which has the purpose of strict and fair control over the processes occurring in the society. The government creates laws and norms which everyone should obey in order to live in harmony and peace with the people around.

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Business is the last element which enables the existence of the modern civilization, as it is the engine of economic development and improvement of life of the people. In spite of the fact that the human society consists of a great number of ethnicities, religions and cultures, an average individual wants to live a prosperous life which can be maintained with business. Business depends also on government, because every employer wants to carry out his business in safety and security and only the government and its social public institutes (the police, laws, insurance, etc) can facilitate the process of business development. The government also plays the role of the balance between the society and business preventing the dominant role of entrepreneurs in the economic life. Business has to pay taxes which would go for the social needs improving the society and its condition.

Business, government and society are the factors which define the prosperity of the human civilization and if these components coexist in balance, the nation would reach to the highest success. When the young professional is asked to observe the case on business, government and society, he should collect enough information about the case and the problem suggested for the research. One should dwell on the case site and decide the level of coexistence of business, government and society in the situation under analysis. The student should also try to solve the problem of the case and decide how to balance between the business, government and society correctly.

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Custom Case Study on Business, Government and Society

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