Case Study on Career Planning

Career Planning Case Study:

Career planning is a very important process which is often essential for the successful life. The choice of the career will influence one’s life till the end that is why it is important to choose the most suitable profession which can satisfy all the needs of an individual. Career planning starts already at school, when a student gets acquainted with the disciplines and understands what are more or less interesting for him. The choice of the subjects and student’s preferences are very important for the choice of the future career. For example, if one enjoys physics and is weak at history, he will not succeed as a humanitarian, so he should develop and improve his knowledge of such subjects like maths and physics to limit the scope of studying and make the educational process more productive.

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Unfortunately, very few students plan their career at school, so entering a college or university they often feel disappointed and leave the institution looking for another way. Sometimes, grown-ups understand that they have chosen the wrong way but they still can find the very job which can satisfy their preferences. The process of career planning is based on several steps which are interconnected. First of all one should realize what is interesting for him. The task seems difficult but when one tries to think about the ideal job, the thoughts appear at once. The next step is to investigate the existing list of professions which suits to your skills, knowledge and preferences. Finally, one should apply for the job and work for a month there to decide whether the choice is right.

The process of career making is very abstract and it is difficult to organize it well, because many people can not value their abilities objectively. The best way is to detect these strong sides at school and develop the skills gradually and use them in future, because an expert in any discipline is able to find good job, if he is a top-class professional in his field. A case study is a research of a particular case based on career planning. One should investigate the factors which have caused the case and value the consequences, which are often connected with the right or the wrong choice of profession or the methodology of the discipline of career planning.

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