Case Study on CBT

CBT Case Study:

Cognitive behavioural therapy is a general term which describes a set of the various psychotherapies, in the basis of which lies the idea that the psychological disorders (phobias, depressions, etc) appear because of the dysfunctional believes. There are several key aims of cognitive behavioural therapy. The first is to defeat or reduce the symptoms of the disorder. The second is to prevent the relapse of the disorder after the course of treatment. The most important one is to solve the psychosocial problems which caused the psychological disorder (if the problem is not solved, the disorder can occur again and again).

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Finally, the aim of the therapy is to change the dysfunctional schemes and behaviour of the patient resulting from the disorder to the regular standards. In order to achieve the set goals the psychotherapist helps the patient solve a few problems. First of all the patient should understand the impact of thoughts on the emotions and behaviour. Then, the patient should learn to detect the negative thoughts, observe them and look for the suggested ways out to cope with them or calm them down without anybody’s help. After that it is important to analyze the negative ideas soberly.

The patient should think them over objectively and define their pluses and minuses. Next, after the analysis the patient should substitute the wrong cognitions with the rational ideas and solutions which do not awake negative emotions. In the end, the patient should detect and get rid of the dysfunctional schemes which provoke the wrong cognitions. The described problems are the object of the research of psychotherapists who chose the best techniques and methods to solve these problems (the choice of the method depends on the level and type of the disorder).

A CBT case study can be called a successful one if a student analyzes the topic deeply, introduces high-quality data and evidence which support his point of view and composes a logical structure for the paper. It is obvious that a case study is a specific puzzle which requires effective solutions, so a student should find out about the origin of the problem, its cause and effect and provide the professor with the professional analysis and solutions to the suggested problem.

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