Case Study on CDMA

CDMA Case Study:

CDMA is the communication technology, most often radio communication, which is characterized with the channel of transmission which has the common bandwidth but different code modulation.

CDMA got its popularity and fame due to the cellular mobile communication and many people mistakenly think that this sort of mobile communication is the only one and CDMA is a monopolistic technology on the market. Radio systems have two primary resources – frequency and time, which create such systems as Frequency Division Multiple Access and Time Division Multiple Access.

CDMA uses the special codes for the identification of the connection and uses the whole spectrum of frequency and the whole time. The history of CDMA is quite long and dates back to 1935 when the first attempts to master this technology had been practised. CDMA is one of the standards of 3G communication and it is supposed to be reliable, effective and cheap.

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The secret of the commercial success of CDMA is the broad area of service, high quality of transmission, flexibility and low price for various innovations in this technology, safety from the access of the third people who are interested in wiretapping. The most obvious advantages of the technology are its flexibility (the number of the clients does not affect the quality of the service); safety (due to the code protection of the channel it is difficult to wiretap the conversation); profitability (the CDMA devices do not consume too much energy what makes them more effective than the rest of the communicational devices).

CDMA is a popular communication technology which provides its clients with the quality and affordable mobile communication service. When the student is asked to prepare CDMA case study, he is able to read about the case a lot and compare it with other technologies of mobile communication trying to learn about the strong and weak sides of both. It is important to catch the principle of work of CDMA and find out about the cause and effect of the selected issue suggested for the analysis. The young professional has the opportunity to solve the case on CDMA and share his alternative ideas and solutions of the problem with the professor.

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