Case Study on China Economy

China Economy Case Study:

China economy is characterized as the socialist market economy and it is supposed to be the second largest and second most powerful economy after the USA. The success of China is associated with the rapid dynamics of the growth of its economy and intensive development of industry, services and agriculture. The country develops its traditional spheres of industry: textile, coal and iron ore processing, china, oil processing, gas, chemical, aviation, space, electronics, machine building, etc. China occupies the leading positions in the coal mining, production of fertilizers, steel and energy. The country possesses well-developed modern transportation systems: railways, highways, airlines and seaports. China is supposed to be one of the most rapidly developing countries in the world and the latest financial crises have not caused any negative impact of its economy. The country is constantly improving the standard of life for its citizens and quality of life increases gradually.

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China is the second most credible countries in the world concerning the number of the investments into its economy. The country is very attractive and credible for the investors, so its growth also depends on the billions of dollars of investments. The middle 21st century is the period of the Chinese history, which is supposed to transfer the country into the post-industrial country, because it is already paying the major attention on high technologies and IT. The success of China depends also on the quality and variety of its industry. China is known to produce and process nearly everything, so the country’s export is higher than import. It imports only the natural resources and high technology products. Due to the tempo of its economic growth China has the chance to become the most developed country in the world very soon.

China economy is one of the most dynamic and perspective ones and the student is able to improve his knowledge about the issue and research a case study in the appropriate way. The young professional can concentrate on the reasons of the rise of China economy and its effect for the country and the whole global economy (China influences the global economy due to its size and rapid development). The student can evaluate the condition of the economy of the country and try to solve the problems existing there effectively.

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