Case Study on Chocolate

Case Study on Chocolate:

Chocolate is the kind of the sweetened food made from the seeds of cocoa. Chocolate has become known in Europe since 1529, when the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés introduced the product after his journey to America, where the local tribes of Aztecs produced chocolate since the time immemorial and mixed it with vanilla and honey.

The popularity of chocolate has become extremely high since that time and today it is considered to be one of the most favourite desserts, because chocolate is often the main ingredient in sweets, cakes, etc. The common chocolate mass possesses the lower taste and aromatic qualities, because the concentration of sugar is not higher than 63%. The dessert chocolate mass possesses wider and more distinct taste due to the scrupulous and time-consuming processing and transformation. On the basis of the content of the chocolate it is divided into black, milk and white.

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There are also special variants for the people who suffer from diabetes and can not consume the common chocolate. Moreover, chocolate can contain various additives, like coffee, alcohol, brandy, vanilla, pepper, raisins, nuts, wafers, candied, etc. Black chocolate is characterized with higher quality and more bitter taste and smell. Milk chocolate is supposed to be one of the favourite types of chocolate, being very sweet due to high concentration of sugar and milk. White chocolate has its specific taste due to the oil of the cocoa seeds and vanilla. It does not contain the cocoa powder; that is why the colour is close to the white. Chocolate is also divided into a few types based on the origin of the cocoa trees: American, Asian and African.

Chocolate is one of the most favourite desserts, no wonder its popularity in the world is extremely high. If a student wants to cope with chocolate case study well, he will need to touch upon the historic background of the topic, explain the relevance of the problem and evaluate it well. Then, the student should learn about the reason of the problem and its consequences. The cases related with chocolate can include different nature and one should pay attention to the core of the problem in order to be able to suggest the best ways out of the problem.

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