Case Study on Conflict Resolution and Critical Thinking

Conflict Resolution and Critical Thinking Case Study:

Conflict resolution and critical thinking are the two interconnected elements, because it is impossible to solve the problem successfully without the smart and independent approach towards it. A conflict is the integral part of the human everyday life, because all people are different and everyone has his own preferences, desires and points of view. When people are not able to accept the idea of the opponent, conflicts appear. It is easy to provoke a conflict, but it is very difficult to resolve it correctly, especially when both sides have offended one another several times. Obviously, the best way to resolve every conflict is to turn on one’s critical thinking skill, which helps one to look at the arguments and point of view of the opposite side soberly.

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The idea of critical thinking is easy – one just evaluates the problem objectively throwing away all the prejudices, rumours, emotions and other unnecessary elements. When one just thinks about the opinion of the other side, evaluates the argumentation and tries to be in the shoes of the other side, he will understand the probable cause of the conflict and facilitates its resolution. Critical thinking is also very helpful for the winning in the conflict persuading the opponent in its point of view.

If one is able to think critically, he will be able to brainstorm the appropriate arguments and present them in such a way that the opponent will accept them and change his mind. Finally, it is easy to reach a compromise with the help of the activation of one’s mind and reasonable presentation of the idea with the aim to resolve a serious conflict.

Critical thinking is very important for the resolution of conflicts and the student is able to demonstrate it on the definite example in a case study. The student can choose a certain conflict and analyze it is detail collecting facts about the case site, the opponents and the cause of their conflict. After that one is able to illustrate how one side of the conflict has managed to resolve it with the help of critical thinking. Finally, the student should suggest his own version of the solution of the problem evaluating the pluses and minuses of the conflict resolution in the case.

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Custom Case Study on Conflict Resolution and Critical Thinking

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