Case Study on Dabbawala

Dabbawala Case Study:

In India dabbawala is the name of the person, who collects empty boxes from the consumed food to the companies which own them. In India workers do not have time to cook for themselves at lunch, so they take advantage of the numerous companies which offer the food which resembles the one cooked at home and carried by a delivery man. Many families earn money cooking food at home and caring it to the suburbs in the work centers in the special boxes or container. Being a developing country India can not afford using lunch-boxes only once, so such a profession of a dabbawala appeared. A dabbawala is connected with the companies and small businessmen who produce food and collects the boxes and containers from the customers and carries them back to the companies which can use them again.

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Dabbawalas use different type of transport to reach their destination, and this job is often very complicated, because the profession is generally widespread in Mumbai, which is considered to be one of the most populated cities in India. They ride huge bikes, motorcycles and often travel by trains from the one part of the city to the other. Dabbawalas are observed to be extremely hard working, because they work without holidays and in any weather. Even if the weather is nasty and dangerous for life, they never stop working and fulfil their duties. All the dabbawalas know one another and often cooperate and inform one another about the work which should be done.

Dabbawala is an interesting Indian profession which has a great advantage of economizing the natural resources, because the lunch-boxes and containers are used many times before utilization.

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