Case Study on Database Security Issues

Database Security Case Study:

Database security is the activity which is aimed at the protection of the information stored at the databases from the access of the third people and the illegal source of this information for various purposes. Nowadays information is the most valuable resource for every organization, because business, economics and politics exist due to the quality of information and its secure storage.

Every organization, private and public has its own database where the whole valuable information is stored in security for the positive functioning of the institution. It is natural that every businessman and scientist who keeps important information about the further development of his firm or scientific project wants to keep this data in total security.

Obviously, numerous third people and rivals want to steal the information and use it for their own benefit, so the problem of database security is probably the most important one for the successful existence of modern business, politics, science, etc.

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There are many types of threat which can damage the safety of a database. First of all, there are hacker’s attacks which are aimed at the break of the security system, destruction or stealth of the information kept in the databases. Another threat is virus. There are numerous viral programmes which attack the network and destroy the security of the database having the aim to make it out of order. There are of course, such threats as physical damage of the database, overloading with information, which can damage the work of the system, etc. With the aim to protect databases from the illegal access the experts install up-to-date powerful security programmes, antivirus programmes and create several levels of protection.

Database security is the relevant problem for the research, because nowadays there is hardly an institution which does not have its own database which requires protection and the student is able to observe the issue on the definite example. The young professional is able to observe the issue on database security suggested by the professor ad find out about the cause of the problem and its effect. One should think about the factors which can be called the reason of the damage of the security and brainstorm the effective solution to the problem demonstrating knowledge and skills.

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