Case Study on Dell Supply Chain Management

Dell Supply Chain Management Case Study:

Dell is the American corporation which is one of the leading manufacturers of computer technologies. The corporation occupies its 26th place among the most prosperous and successful companies in the world. The corporation was founded in 1984 and in 2003 became known as Dell, Inc. In 1987 Dell entered the European market in the mid-90-ies – the Asian market. The corporation was several times selected as the most favourite American company, no wonder, its profit was so high, that it covered the cost of production and made its owners rich. Today Dell is so famous and developed that it has conquered and purchased many smaller companies in order to remain one of the most influential computer manufacturers on the market.

The secret of the corporation’s success is its supply chain. Dell is known to be the company which is “close” to its customers and always follows their requirements and expectations.

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One of the most useful policies is the opportunity to order the computer with any configurations and the company constructs the very computer the client wants. So, Dell makes personal computers which completely suit to the requirements of every client, what is quite a rare option on the market of computers. In addition, the order is delivered in 24 hours, what demonstrates the company’s logistics from the best side. Dell strives to organize only direct sales to every client, because it builds close relations and develops customer’s loyalty towards the company. This approach not only wins customer’s credit and respect, but saves money on the rent of stores and energy expenditures.

Every student who wants to improve his knowledge on logistics, management and accounting should pay attention to the interesting topic of Dell supply chain management, which is supposed to be one of the best examples of the successful corporations. In order to research the case about the supply chain management of Dell the student should read a lot and look through the scientific journals and articles written by the experts in the Internet. One should catch the cause (why the corporation has decided to apply such a type of supply chain management) and effect (the result of such a policy) of the problem. The student is expected to evaluate the effectiveness of Dell supply chain management objectively and summarize the paper well.

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