Case Study on Dermatophytes

Dermatophytes Case Study:

Dermatophytes are the group of several kinds of fungus which often cause various diseases in human beings and animals affecting their skin, hair, nails, fur, etc. Scientists have discovered a great number of fungus’ types which cause such diseases and they call them in the common name – dermatophytes. Most often dermatophytes are usexual organisms living on the surface of the human and animal organism consuming the nutrients required for their survival. These types of fungus live in the outer layers of skin, on the human hair, in animal fur, on the nails and they cause inflammation in the places of their activity on the human skin. Fortunately, dermatophytes can not cause harm to the inner layers of skin and viable tissues, because they affect only the necrotized tissues. The fungus is active only on skin, hair and nails, because it consumes keratin which can be found there.

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It is evident that dermatophytes become active on the human skin if it is rich in necrotized tissues; it means the person who fails maintaining the condition of her personal hygiene is under the risk of infecting. Dermatophytes are transmitted during the contact with the infected person through handshaking, use of the infected clothes, caps, hairbrushes and even seats in cinema and theatre.

Moreover, the fungus can be found in hotels, saunas, gyms, etc. The organism is active up to 14 months on the infected object or surface, so it is quite easy to get infected. In order to cure the diseases connected with dermatophytes experts prescribe oral remedies, various creams and in some cases tea tree oil for the reduction of the effect of the fungus.

Dermatophytes are the special types of fungus which cause various skin problems and the student is able to observe the issue on them in detail. The student’s task is to dwell on the description of these kinds of fungus, study their effect on the human organism, learn about the cause and the ways of transmission of the infection, etc. The young person is expected to analyze the suggested case profoundly in order to make the right conclusion and solve the problem of treatment or prevention of infecting. The student’s solution can be compared with the actual approach towards the treatment of the diseases caused by dermatophytes.

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