Case Study on Down Syndrome

Case Study on Down Syndrome:

Down syndrome is the form of the genetic pathology which is represented with the third copy of the 21st pair of chromosomes in the human organism. The syndrome has the name of the English doctor, who first described the disorder in 1866. In fact, the connection of the disorder with the valid number of chromosomes was detected only in 1959 during the scrupulous research. At first the disorder was called a disease but later the numerous common traits and characteristics features were detected and the disorder started to be called a syndrome. At first doctor Down described the syndrome as the certain psychological disorder. In the 20th century Down syndrome became very widespread, but the majority of the people died in the early age, often as new-borns. Furthermore, with the development of eugenics in the USA and other developed countries the majority of the people who suffered from Down syndrome were sterilized and the people who were unlucky to live in the Nazi Germany were put into death, as there was a special governmental program which maintained this process. Down syndrome is not a rare pathology, because every seven hundredth new-born has this syndrome.

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It is interesting that the frequency of Down syndrome depends on the age of the mother. The more mature the woman is, the higher chance to have a child suffering from the syndrome. Furthermore, Down syndrome is not influenced by the environment and ecological situation, but the random processes which occur during pregnancy.

Down syndrome is quite a widespread disorder and it is interesting to investigate the problem in detail.

If one wants to get to know about the problem deeper, he should read a lot and improve his knowledge on the disorder. A successful Down syndrome case study should explain the relevance of the problem, the factors which cause it and its consequences. The student is asked to dwell on the special definite case related with Down syndrome and find the reasons of the problem and its effect for the patient and his family. Furthermore, the student is expected to share his ideas concerning the disorder and the ways of its treatment or the reduction of its consequences.

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