Case Study on Economic Environment

Economic Environment Case Study:

Economic environment is a set of factors which create a single picture of the financial situation in the country. Economic environment touches upon every important element and phenomenon of economics and on the basis of the analysis of all the factors it is possible to understand the condition of economics of the country. First of all the economic environment analyzes the problem of employment and the percentage of the unemployed people. The factor is very important, because all the serious problems in the society, like poverty, epidemics, crime, suicides, etc occur because of unemployment. Next, the factor of inflation also plays an important role in the distinguishing of the economic environment of the country, because if the inflation is high, the condition of the economics can not be called favourable and one should take many efforts to maintain the effectiveness of economics and production.

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The rates of production and the problems of interest rates, supply and demand influence the condition of economics, because without the production the economic growth is impossible. Finally, the total image of economic environment is evaluated on the basis of the buying behaviour of the consumers, because if the people are able to purchase goods and services, the economics of the country is healthy and functions on its appropriate level. Economic environment is also seriously influenced by the rates of taxes, because if the taxes are high, it will be difficult for the businessmen attract customers, who have low income and low desire to buy various products.

Economic environment is one of the aspects which influence the quality of life in the country. The students who are interested in the question of economic environment can try to prepare a case study on it and analyze the topic on the direct case. A good economic environment case study is supposed to present a detailed description of the main aspects and components of the economic environment. One should analyze the elements of the phenomenon deeply and evaluate the cause and effect of the definite problem in the case. The student should learn as much as possible about the problem in the case and suggest his own effective ways out.

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