Case Study on Economic Integration

Economic Integration Case Study:

Economic integration is the process which is characterized with the combination and cooperation of the several economic policies of several countries, states, companies, etc. Economics is a big unity which requires a great number of participants, but the participants can exist on their own or in the certain specific unities. Economic integration is the decision to unite the economics of two different states or structures into the single unity for the benefit for both sides.

Economic integration is the result of the process of globalization, because if the country lives on its own, it sets prices of products, manufactures the products which it wants but if it decides to cooperate with other countries, it has to follow the special standards and requirements. There are several stages of economic integration which differ from one another with the closeness of economic relations. The beginning stage is the creation of the free trading area between two or more countries.

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The goods and services are not taxed and companies have the chance to compete for the consumer’s preferences, as there are no boarders and barriers, the choice of production increases and the customer can choose the cheaper and more quality products. Then there are common markets, economic unions which ingrate two or more economics closer. Next, there is economic and monetary union, when countries decide to use the single currency on the territory of the union and the opens market makes such a union with the same currency look like a single country (for example, the European Union). The last stage is the complete economic integration, which is characterized with the single monetary and economic policy for all the states of the union. The brightest example of this stage is the USA.

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