Case Study on Education System

Case Study on Education System:

Education system is the set of the various educational institutions and their organization which is controlled by the government. Education system in every country is different and meets the requirements and social, political, cultural standards. The system of education is varied and gradual and serves for different categories of people who want to achieve education. Children from the age of six go to school, which is divided into elementary and junior school. When they are older, they go to high school and spend there a few years before going to work. The education till the high school is obligatory for everyone, but if one wants to receive higher education, he will have to enter a college and university, which is not always cheap. The educational institutions are generally divided into the private and public ones. The public schools are managed by the government and local authorities, which prepare the curriculum and organize the work of schools according to their own point of view and the general standards of the country.

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The private schools belong to the individuals and groups of people who do not follow the recommendations of the government but have their own curriculum, subjects and teaching staff, which is generally more qualified than the ones in the public schools. Educational system varies from country to country and in some countries it is compulsory in others not. The developed countries try to provide everyone with proper education, so every young person till the age of 16 or 18 has the right to receive free education, while in some countries education is still considered to be a privilege.

Education system is an important factor of the appropriate condition of the country, because only well-educated citizens can build strong and solid economics and build a well-developed society. A good education system case study should explain the meaning of the term, present the core points of the education system and demonstrate the purpose of the research. One should focus on the collection of data about the suggested problem and find out about the cause and effect of the problem which is related with education system and suggest the most effective solutions to it. One should analyze the problem from all sides and conclude the paper professionally evaluating the problem of the case objectively.

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