Case Study on Elderly Abuse

Elderly Abuse Case Study:

Elderly abuse is the constant negative attitude to the older person which is accompanied with violence, rude and harsh behavior and total disrespect. The problem of elderly abuse is quite widespread in the human society, especially in the developed countries, where every individual is the important part of the state’s economics. Of course, the retired person is not active anymore and very often such a position irritates younger people. Speaking about family life, there are weird cases connected with it: if there is an elderly person in a family, the younger family members feel the burden of her support, they have to spend time and money to provide the person with everything and with the run of time they become irritated and do everything to get rid of such person.

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Of course, there are many other types of elderly abuse and they are: financial (the person’s money and property is used illegally by her relatives or even strangers); physical (the person suffers from hitting, beating, severe attitude and insufficient supply of medicine); psychological (the person is destroyed morally, she is humiliated and ridiculed and blamed, etc); sexual (the person is forced to take the active part in various sexual actions); neglect (the elderly person is deprived of medicine, food, personal care, conversation, etc); abandonment (the person is locked in the house for the long period of time and it not permitted to live it. This procedure is quite popular when the financial abuse is practised). It does not worth mentioning that elderly abuse is very dangerous for the human life, because such people require more attention and care and if they are deprived of it, they die very rapidly.

Elderly abuse is the shameful problem of the human society and it should be solved quickly. The student who has chosen to investigate the topic should observe the problem from all sides in order to find the answer about the cause of such problems. While researching the direct case on elderly abuse, he is supposed to learn about the reasons of the abuse, observe the effects and analyze the situation from various points of view: social, economic, psychological, etc. The student is asked to demonstrate his knowledge and finally solve the case about the elderly abuse in the appropriate way.

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